Many women of this generation and others too, just more from this generation, seem to have lost the art of cooking from scratch.
I have VERY strong feelings about the effects that this is having on our society. For me, there are MANY reasons to cook from scratch, but one big one for me that comes calling each night as my hubby gets home is his Celiac Disease.
Having Celiac Disease in our home not only threw me for a loop with our regular family meals that included noodles and bread and flour, but also the fact that for the most part we can’t use “boxed” meals. Most have “wheat starch” as thickeners, or “barley malt extract” or something like that, and we can’t do that among many other items.
As a result, I cook from scratch nearly every day and cook with whole/natural foods.
Also, I did complete a 2 yr Culinary Arts program in which I learned how to cook A LOT of things, but also the function of foods and ingredients and how to change recipes and formulations as well as learn a lot about nutrition and MUCH more.
My extended family OFTEN calls me and says “Is Robyn’s Cooking Hotline open?” I laugh and respond, “Yes, this is Robyn. What can I help you with?” It is all done is fun, but with seriousness. Many people ask me A LOT of things that I think are important to know that I had not realized people don’t know that make a HUGE difference. So in short, I would like to see questions about items YOU want to know about. Let’s have LOTS of questions and have everyone help answer them! My forte is food and cooking- but I know that MANY of you have SO much to bring to the “table” here! SO lets hear it- need to know an idea for cooking tonight? Need an ingredient substitute? Need to change a recipe?