Tonight at 7:08pm I was invited to witness the birth of my niece. I am overcome with awe! I am amazed at the strength of my sister, Maren, who had the baby completely natural. And at the blessings that God gives us that are achieved with such miraculous procedure and wonder! Just think! I new life is now in the world with us. And is experiencing her physical body for the first time outside of the womb. What a wonder it was to watch the process and watch that tiny baby open her eyes and just look at her mother with such love and devotion within minutes of emerging from her womb. And the light in my brother in law’s eyes as he doted on his wife and new daughter was tender to behold. I testify to you with my whole heart and mind that I know that God is real, and that we are here to experience a wonderful life filled with experiences to magnify our souls and help us become more than we ever could without it. I don’t know how there are people that have children that don’t believe in a God. I do believe, and I do praise His name and His Gospel forever!!