Chiropractic for CHILDREN??? ABSOLUTELY!

I have had more than one MD or DO tell me that Chiropractic is NOT useful for children and not to waste my money on treatment that does not yeild results. Talk about a SAD outlook for helping people obtain optimal health!! I do agree, however that there are MANY Doctors of Chiropractic that do not understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body to the extent of really treating ailments beyond the traditional treatment of: “crack” and “click” of the spine allowing maximum nerve flow to our bodies allowing for proper bodily function- which is good, but not the BEST, and definitely not worth your $$~
I have had experience with a chiropractic Doctor that understands the body from head to toe, how it is designed to function, how different each and every body is, and actually takes the time to find out how YOUR body signals needs and ailments beyond just aligning the spine. He also is eager for his patients to have an MD or DO for the family as he believes in the power of modern medicine equal to the power of herbal helps. LOVE THAT!
As for the kids, my ‘asthmatic’ child has gone from 8 medications a day to ONE in less than a year, and is regularly seen by this chiropractor. She has had a plugged tear duct since birth that has flared with infection every other month and has had TWO surgeries to correct it that have failed. It is still not all the way clear, but with cranial and organ work by this chiropractor- FOR THE COST OF A REGULAR VISIT!- her eye is clearing up finally and she is a happy, healthy 3 year old!
Other examples: My 6 year old recently had a VERY persistent cough that I could not seem to help her with- nothing over the counter was helping and she was not eating well and it was lasting into 5 days. No other symptoms, no phlem, just relentless coughing. I thought, well, if I take her to an MD, they will say it is a virus and to expect it to last 3 weeks or so and charge me $110. So I thought, I’ve had LOTS of positive experiences with sicknesses being severely shortened after a visit to this chiropractor, and I knew it was only $30, so there I went. I also knew that this doctor would let me know if he found it to be viral or bacterial and would suggest a visit to an MD for a particular med or treatment. And as I had hoped, less than a day later she was eating, playing, and ready to go back to school a day and half later. I do beleive that my daughter had a virus and the cough was mainly caused by that. However, she had been learning to do hand stands and had “kinked” her head more than once falling down and as this chiropractor mentioned in the visit that here neck was strained and that the stiffness of the muscles around it helping it heal and protect itself was causing a lot of stiff muscles all down the top half of her back and repressing her lungs and bronchials. So he adjusted not only her back and neck, but was able to expand her lungs which immediately helped the coughing fits.
I also take my 2 yr old at least every month because heaven knows how many times he falls and “kinks” his body out of whack and I don’t want his body healing “around” the kinks only to have nerves problems and symptoms show up later in his life that are WAY harder to correct rather than just having them grow with all their bones in the right place and all the organs working at optimum levels! There you have it. Find a good chiropractor, and your family will be healthier!