COCONUT: The amazing nut

First of all, I remember learning about coconut in my culinary school days, but much was forgotten- until one day my wonderful neighbor gave me one and I got excited (like I tend to do when I get things that I don’t have often) to eat it and show my kids how fun and yummy they are.
Second of all, I quickly discover that my children do NOT like it and my husband has loathed it for his entire existence. Sad for me- yet somehow it still was fun and I drained out the water, baked and shredded the meat and made macaroons. OH! How I love macarroons!!
Thirdly, and lastly, I found in an up close and personal way how coconut meat can have a natural laxative effect. (since I ate 10 macaroons in a 2 hour period….:)) End of story for that day.

SOOO- Here are some interesting facts I recounted from my culinary books and from some great sources online:

  • Coconut water is the semi-clear liquid that is inside a coconut and you can hear it if you shake one. FACTS: it has the highest amount of electrolytes of any food on earth- better than any sports drink for rehydration and muscle recovery. It is used in many rural countries as a plasma substitute as it is readily accepted by the human body. It is also the closest food on earth to breastmilk and colostrum in antibodies, antiviral potency, and it heals and protects the intestinal lining of our intestines and aides against jaundice and hepotitis among MANY other illnesses. Basically the most nutritious and body/immune system health boosting thing to drink!!
  • Coconut milk is made when you mix pressed coconut meat and a little coconut water together. It is very flavorful and is used in many recipes from the islands and asia. It is nutritious but has a higher fat content than the water. Can cause a mild laxative effect due to the coconut oils and cleansing effect that is found in the milk when the meat is pressed.
  • Coconut meat is the white fleshy stuff you pull out of the nut shell. Yes, coconut is a NUT. The largest one that we eat! The meat is high in saturated fats, however, all of the other fats found are the monounsaturated fats that are good for us. Actually, coconut has the highest amount of Omega-6’s you can find in any natural food with over 200 mg in an ounce. It is cholesterol free and has a high fiber and protein content as well. The coconut oil that is taken from the meat is said to sure many illnesses and to help with skin softness, scalp moisturization and MANY other things.

So next time you pass on that coconut in your bountiful basket or at the store, think twice~ especially if you or your family are feeling dehydrated or have a cold! Fresh coconut fights viruses AND bacteria!!! Or you can hand it to me…..but I promise I won’t eat 10 macaroons in a 2 hr period…. I’ve learned how powerful it is already!!!!