FOOD COMBINING: Making the most of your food

Many people do not realize that most foods have compliment foods that enable them to be the most nutritious for you. EXAMPLE:

Why does Cottage Cheese seem to always be paired with a fruit? Particularly pineapple, peaches, or pears?
A: Because it just tastes good!
B: God made them for each other.
C: People think it looks good.
D: The cultured makeup of the milk product, cottage cheese, must be eaten with a sub-acid food best found in fruit to aid in proper digestion and to assimilate the nutrients from both foods the most efficient way.

You guessed it, the answer is D. And this is only one example. Not only does proper food combining help in digestion, but proper digestion will ultimately help with unwanted weight gain, gas and discomfort. For me, food combinations are fascinating and way under encouraged/used by the food industry or the FDA in their food/nutrition suggestions in America.
What do you think??? Ready to start serving your family food combinations their bodies can gain the most from??