Lately I have been inundated by thoughts about the principle of change! Many women I know are changing things in their life: losing weight, having babies, getting a job, going back to school, attaining goals and skills they’ve always wanted, trying to be more spiritual, some are even changing their outlook on life. I used to be a little weary of change- it meant schedules had to be different, my daily routine would never be the same, my comfort zone was vulnerable against growth and the changes! However, I have come to understand through a series of events that change is ALWAYS good. It really is. And most of all, that NO ONE but ourselves can make changes to ourselves. Yes, circumstances can change what is around us, but WE change ourselves. We more importantly CHOOSE to change ourselves thanks to the precious God-given gift of AGENCY. First exercised by our first parents, Adam and Eve. Realize also that other people are changing. You may have to reacquaint yourself with people you know especially your spouse, we are changin all the time and it might be a good idea to ask some simple questions one evening when you are together- what are your goals? What have you not done in your life that you’d like to? What is your favorite food? What music do you like to listen to? You’ll be amazed at the fun it can be! We are born with agency by being allowed the human experience of mortality and thereby are given the opportunity to choose for ourselves what we look like, how we act, how we think, and what we want to become. As a Christian, I was taught from the scriptures that God wants me, his child, to become like His Son, Jesus Christ which I have strived to do. And, as Adam and Eve learned, we cannot stay in the Garden of Eden phases that come into our lives. We can’t stay stagnant, for if we are not going forward, we are going backward! Sometimes we get into those WONDERFUL times of stability in money and family life and we can tend to feel comfortable and just want to stay there, forgetting our mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and to continue BECOMING more, being more and affecting more in our realms of stewardship on this Earth. So to close my little blurb, I’d like to encourage you to embrace change and realize that YOU are a child of God who wants your life to be full and varied and abundant with amazing experiences!