Food for Thought: Thoughts on FAT vs. SUGAR

Why do we eat? To fuel our bodies. I recently read an analogy that our cars are like our bodies. When you give them fuel, they can go! When they are out of fuel, they can’t. You give them dirty fuel and they run rough, you give them prime fuel and they run smooth as hot honey! And our bodies are very similar! You eat junk, you feel like junk a lot of the time. You eat healthy and pay attention to what, when and how you are eating and you are all of the sudden in control and your body can run efficiently! Its amazing.

So what about eating fats? They are a great source of energy. Carbs and sugar=burning fuel, but more like fumes. Carbs/sugar only last so long. Protein and fats last a lot longer and can burn longer! So if you are under the impression that you need to avoid that steak and eggs because of the cholesterol and fat, think again. Just eliminating about 50% of your carbs/sugar intake and REPLACING them, not just cutting them out, but replacing them with a protein shake that is low carb, high protein, or cheese, or lunch meat, eggs, bacon, ect. will keep you full longer and allow your body to learn to burn the stores and stop giving you pnly bursts of energy and then calling for those ‘sugar cravings’ that make us feel like we need to binge on a candybar or Capn’Crunch or toast to make it through the next hour. You will be amazed at the difference you will feel when you are burning efficient fuel, rather than just living on fumes!!!