THE RACE (my first 5K EVER)

Well, I am here to report that I finished my first 5K race ever! Many from my family are amazed, as I have never been one to be competitive or a go getter to have myself be seen or congratulated on my accomplishments… however, I learned from other runners that public racing is just one of those things you NEED to do, for YOU. I was anxious from the moment I registered, but my training gave me confidence that I would finish and I would not be the last one!

I was near the back of the starting lineup of around 500 people (craziness) and once I started I was determined to keep my pace at about a 10 minute mile, but, having never raced before with so many people, I was surprised to find that I couldn’t gauge myself very well with so many people all around me running- at before I knew it, there was the 1 mile mark! I glanced at my watch and to my elation, it had barely been 8 minutes! But I could feel the burn, and knew those hills were coming and my fear did come to reality as that last mile or so I was feeling a little fatigued and my last mile was about 15 minutes…. my finish time was 39 minutes and 26 seconds. I was hoping for closer to 30-35, but I realize what happened and I will know better next time!
The BEST part was having family there! Seeing my little children cheering their momma on, was probably one of the best feelings I have ever had- I have to admit I almost started crying at the finish- it just felt so tender to my heart!! I am so proud to be able to show my kids how to work hard for something! And for them to be there in all the excitement and know that it was because of their mom’s goals, well, it was just a feeling I didn’t expect, but it was wonderful! THAT is what will drive me to keep racing! I am so grateful to be healthy, and to have been able to do this and feel SO AWESOME when its over. I am a believer- if you are a runner, you definitely need to do a race. It changes your motivation for the better!