A few GLUTEN FREE items to know about

The ALL-TIME Best Baking mix EVER is Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix– use it all the time for quick pancakes, banana bread (and other quick breads), muffins, etc.

For really “non-gf-looking” foods I go for BETTER BATTER all-purpose flour. It makes wonderful cookies, pies, cakes, etc. No weird taste! We like it a lot.

I know that OATS are under scrutiny by many celiac specialists, but my husband can tolerate them just fine. I have called QUAKER Oats and they said that they have not been certified GF, but that their oats that are sold separately in containers (not packets of flavored oatmeal or cookies or granola bars) are packed a facility that only manufactures oats and nothing else. I figure that is pretty safe! So Quaker is all I buy in the OATS category.

PASTA: Glutino pasta is THE BEST for texture, quality, and taste in our opinion. BUY IT AT WALMART if you can. It is WAY cheaper there than at the Health Food Stores. For lasagne noodles I use Tinkyada brand.

NEED FIBER? Try POPCORN!!! Did you know it is a whole grain?? Buy a big bag of bulk yellow popcorn and get some yummy popcorn popping oil (usually in the snack/chips section) and start making your own popcorn at home. Great source of fiber for your digestion since you are NOT getting much roughage otherwise without whole wheat.