Chicory Root Extract….look it up.

Wow. I just looked up chicory root out of curiosity and found all sorts of information on the good source of fiber it is and how it helps your colon bacteria levels and keeps you regular and healthy and then saw a large string of adverse effects for women involving menses and pregnancy…. I cannot believe that there isn’t some type of warning on the boxes or something. We have been trying to conceive for the last few months for baby #4 and I have been eating Fiber One cereal and bars in the last 6 months which I never ate before with my pregnancies and I am now wondering if this might have something to do with why I haven’t conceived yet and why for the first time in my life my period is randomly late (which turns your nerves upside down, who knows, maybe I’m having mini miscarriages!) and why my boobs hurt worse during PMS and my cramping lasts for 4 days when it used to only be the day before my period started…. I am going to stop eating chicory root products after noting how many women have experienced miscarrying while consuming these. I seriously read over 90 women’s posts in various blogs and herbal testimonials and on the Baby Center website forum letting people know about the possible link here. 95% of the women said they miscarried while they were eating these regularly…I think there is a link!!