Functions of a Few Baking Ingredients….

Yes, I am a cooking nerd. I don’t just bake and create food items because I like it, and I like to eat- I have a genuine interest in the function of ingredients and how amazing it is that they all mix together and make something different. SOOOO, here are a few bread baking ingredients and the function that they perform when you are baking!!! I know- you are SUPER excited! 😉

SALT: affects flavor, fermentation, gluten production, and texture and grain of product.
WATER: A binding agent for other ingredients.
SUGAR: preservation, eating quality, nutritional value, flavor, fermentation, crust color and symmetry of the finished product.
YEAST: flavor, texture, and volume.
MILK SOLIDS: preservation, taste, nutrition, texture, and finished product quality and smoothness.
FAT (shortening or butter): preservation, eating quality, texture, tenderness, nutritional value, and smooth looking finished product.
BREAD FLOUR (higher protein flour): Binding agent, absorbing agent, preservation, structural, eating quality, nutrition, and flavor. Note- only use the type of flour called for in a recipe! IE: Using a bread flour, for soft rolls will not yield soft rolls- if the recipe calls for all-purpose, use all-purpose. Ect.