Seeing God’s Hand

Lately I have been inspired by the revelation that more often than not, the path God wants for us is often dropped right into our lap- we just have to be living by the Spirit to recognize it and grasp it with faith that it is for our good- and ultimately God’s will for us, no matter our fears or disappointment if it is not what we had in mind!

It is important to remember that no matter the nature of the circumstance, God will guide our lives if we let Him! I hear so many people that say “Oh how I wish there was some road map to life! Some clear instruction of my purpose and what I am supposed to do…” ect. But there is!! Yes, God has given us agency- THANKFULLY- to choose our roads and learn by our actions to come to realize that we ARE a person! To see that we do have influence and impact on what happens on this earth to us and those we love. Thereby understanding that we ARE in control of how our lives turn out. And God has given us the great power of prayer to talk with him and ask him our questions and get direction thru the Spirit from one who knows what we are capable of, one who loves us deeply, one who wants our happiness and for us to have a full and wonderful life!

There are times when it seems confusing and difficult and we say why and how- but if we look and try to listen for spiritual promptings, we will know if what we are doing is righteous and for our good- for our mission here on earth; something He wants us to do. And don’t forget that it may not always coincide with what YOU wanted, or thought you wanted. It may not be anything close to what you thought. But if you have faith, it will be a wonderful ride!!!