FAMILY FINANCIAL Budget Sheet and Websites

My husband and I are avid budgeters. Is that a word?? Oh well. I can be Shakespeare every now and then and make up words, right? Anyway, we have found these websites and tools to be very helpful for our budget needs. Many of these sites can help you total your budget and make payoff plans, as well as numbers to call if you are in serious debt and cannot make your bills each month. Debt is real. Debt is lurking around every corner as an adversary to your health, your relationships, your success, and your peace of mind! Learn to control it or it will, with or without your consent, control you.

Budgeting my money monthly is what I like to do best since life changes at least every week in our house! And yes, every month is different some are great with rollover amounts for the next month, and some are in the red and we have to scrimp to make it. But whichever it is, we make it through and we have been able to pay off HUGE amounts of medical debt as well as credit card debts through our budget efforts. And it is good to show the kids in Family Councils what the money looks like and they learn what is going on and how they can help.

Our nation, and many other nations as the news tells us, may not know how to budget and stick to it, but we can and we can teach our children this timeless skill!!! Don’t just guess you have enough- you need to know. It makes all the difference in the world!

Debt incurring and credit problems many times are a result of habits. Over spending, shopping compulsively, not living in your means, not saving for something-thinking it is a MUST have when it really is not necessary-, ect. Life changes need to be made as well as learning to BUDGET which basically is seeing what you have and knowing where it is going.

Here are the sites:

—-****THIS is the budget sheet I have downloaded and saved and I use it FAITHFULLY each and every month! I have been using it for 3 yrs now and it really is awesome for us! I just sit down at the start of every month when we get paid and lay out our month, print it out, and then next month I open it, save it as the new month and just make adjustments where it changes as most everything stays the same each month.****—-

***This can give you a great eye opener to what you really have in debt and how long it will take you to pay things off at your current efforts and gives great advice for credit problems.

***Ah! Dave Ramesey is THE MAN when it comes to financial awareness and I LOVE everything he has to say! He is the reason we have an over 800 pt credit rating today! He tells you all the truths about consolidation, habit awareness, ect. AWESOME. Worth a read.

SO, take it for what it is worth for you, but I DO NOT know how people live without a budget! I would go nuts if I was in the red every month and didn’t know why or how to not keep doing it. Here’s to happy debt-free living!!!