LIES vs REALITY: A woman’s plague

My life sucks.

We have no money.

Raising kids takes all my time.

Kids are taking over my life.

My husbands’ job never pays enough.

I never have ME time.

We are poor.

ETC, etc, etc…..

Have you ever said things like this? Please tell me that I am not the only one!! I have recently been examining a few things that I have said out loud either to my family, myself, or others that are, to be frank, LIES. I don’t say things like this very often, in fact I am told that I am usually a happy, humorous, and positive influence for my family and friends. However, there are times that I get down and depressed a little about certain aspects in my life and I find myself saying these types of things when they really are not true.

The fear, is that studies show that the more you tell yourself things or when others tell you things you will eventually start to believe it! Let’s examine a few of my thoughts from above:

“We have no money.” Is that really true? NO. My husband has a great job that pays our bills every month, we just don’t have room in the budget for many extras so when friends or family want to do fun things or go out to eat a lot, I tend to say “no, we have no money right now…” or something to that effect. But a few years ago, I realized the fallacy of this statement and changed my language. I now say “We budget our money and I didn’t put that in the budget.” or “We decided not to spend our money on that.” Thereby telling myself and others that may be concerned for our needs, that we do have money and we can get by, we just don’t spend outside our budget and plan our expenditures. IT IS AWESOME.

So just last night I was saying lies, yes LIES, to myself saying “Kids are taking over my life.” and “I never see my husband, he’s working too much.”

After reexamining what I was saying, I turned it around and started saying “Kids are amazing! They teach me lessons that I cannot learn any other way that I know I need to learn as a mother to fulfill my role as a woman.” and “Chayce works hard 10 hrs a day, 5 days a week, but I am with him 14 hours a day and every Saturday and Sunday all day! What a blessing!”

See where I am going with this??? I feel strongly that I am not the only woman that feels guilt and sad feelings due to lies we tell ourselves and others that can start to feel true! Start examining what you are saying and be sure it is the TRUTH. It will change your day, your week, maybe your life!!!!