Oh and BTW….

This blog is a place for me and OTHERS to write our thoughts and views and share information about subjects that affect our lives daily as women, that will ultimately affect our lives forever! If you find this blog helpful to you PLEASE share it with your circle of friends or someone that this information may be helpful to! And share ON IT! Comment when you have a thought about something and I can post it as a regular post! Add a Recipe, add a Parenting Tip, add a Baking Tip, add an Exercise tip, add a Spirituality tip, ect.

I have found that when I share information that has helped my life to be happier and feel successful, almost 100% of the time, that same information that I found or heard is helpful to someone else. I feel that God works this way many times- using someone else to cheer a soul, give them ideas for family issues, and simply help us all feel helped and loved and HEARD. Doesn’t it feel soooo good when you know you’ve helped someone? YES! So like the slogan on the blog says, SHARE what gives your life savor. 🙂