the infamous 3 DAY potty training! and it works…..

Potty TrainingI have a friend that suggests this to everyone and she used it with her kids and they loved it and she loves it. She says everyone she knows that used it TO THE LETTER! had success. I have talked with 3 other moms who used it and swear by it. I am going to use this this weekend… I’ll let you know how it worked for me! I have tried other methods, and started 2 weeks ago training my 28 mo old little boy and he got so frustrated with me for asking if he needed to go and asking him to try, ect, ect, and for the most part he was doing great and was willing- but after reading this, it makes sense how the child thinks and how I should think so we stopped what we were doing and are now doing all the prep for this method. I AM SO EXCITED! Give it a whirl yourself!