So, I did this 3 day Potty Training adventure this past weekend, Sept 16, 17, and 18, 2011.
Here we go:
Jaxon: Really liked mommy playing with him all day, throwing out the “gross baby diapers” and enjoyed having fruit snacks in the house! Didn’t do well on the large amounts of fruit juice (diarrhea), so we just did LOTS of water in a water bottle. Had 6 accidents and 3 successes, and STAYED DRY for his nap and all night for the first time in his life! And asked me ONCE to take him to the potty.
MYSELF: As sad is it is, I was BORED to death and antsy all day from being concentrated on ONE thing all day long… however, we made it and the positive bond I felt with my little guy was boosting my morale. I love that the method is NOTHING but positive reinforcement and that the words to say are there! Just two phrases- “Jaxon- Are you clean and dry?” and “You are SO BIG! Such a big boy. You tell mommy when you need to go in the potty, ok?”
Jaxon- Jaxon starts to see the pattern, only has 2 accidents (we made it to the potty together all the rest of the times) and he asked me to take him 3 times! He also STAYED DRY through the nap and night time again!!!
MYSELF:I am REALLY liking this method! Although I am still feeling useless to the rest of the family since I am tied to my son’s side 24/7, I feel that my son is really appreciating the parental love and support for this HUGE change in his life and I am loving praising him so much!
Jaxon- Stayed dry ALL DAY!!!! No accidents!!!!! Asked us to take him 5 times!!!! (The other times he went, it was like after or before nap time when you just tell them that they need to sit on the potty at that time each day.) Stayed dry all night AGAIN and is telling everyone he is a BIG BOY!
MYSELF- So proud of my effort! Honestly, I didn’t know if I could stick to it! But we did it. Last day and lots of success and praise.
Well, today was the first day that I wasn’t constantly “on him” about it and he did SO WELL. Asked me to take him each time except ONCE at the babysitters that he was at for 2.5 hours- I wondered how he would do at someone else’s house… but judging on how sad he acted for the rest of the day, I think he was disappointed in himself.
Some of the things I loved about this method:
*The fact that the snack you give them after they have a success, is not labeled as a “potty treat”. You just give it to them and don’t tell them it is because of the potty. Just gives them good feelings when they succeed.
*I had never heard of putting your child on the potty BACKWARDS until I read this, but both my husband and I agree that it is GENIUS. There is plenty of room to “see” what is going on, lost of space to aim, and they don’t feel like it is too small, they have to lean forward not to fall in, ect.
*It is all about positive praise and parental involvement and love for how BIG the child is. No reward vs. punishment or consequences like most other methods people use.
***So, ultimately I will use this method and share it from here on out! Good luck to you with your potty training endeavors!!!***