Family Prayer Builds a Family

I have learned for myself that prayer is so powerful in many ways. It is powerful when used for personal reasons, but it is even more powerful when used in a group for a specific purpose. I have seen miracles happen and hearts healed and people edified by the power of a groups praying for a purpose.

I know that there is a God in the heavens. A Heavenly Father to each person on this earth, and He has taught since the world began that we can speak to Him and gain comfort, understanding, and peace that He so much wants for us to feel.

Praying in families can add a protection, a connection, and a Spiritual level to our homes that nothing else can. With the rising tides of evil and sadness that is surrounding our families, teaching them about God, family love, and the importance of having families is necessary for their emotional strength and spiritual survival. Praying in families can show our children that the love and support that they will crave and need in their lives will come from families- this is imperative to teach them as the family continues to be shown as a ‘thing’ of the past.

In our family recently, well about the last year I guess we have changed the way our family prayers are given. We used to just kneel in a circle and have a rotating prayer giver and they would just say and thank for whatever they felt- which is great! But now, we still have a rotating prayer giver (which means, that everyday someone different says the prayer to offer opportunity for all in the home) and still kneel in a circle, but instead of just saying the prayer, Chayce and I first ask if anyone has anything specific they would like us (or whomever is praying that day) to pray for such as a sickness, a worry, a test, a personal difficulty of some kind, problem with a friend, ect. And I have teared up listening to my small children pray for each other or for my husband and I, and I have felt a definite difference in the spirituality and sincerity of our family prayers and the meaning it holds for us as a family unit. It truly ties us together and we are edifying each other and really thinking about and feeling a connection with each other. It is also good because sometimes we may not understand why one of our siblings is acting sad or nervous or is gone all the time and if we can share why and allow our families the opportunity to help and understand it makes such a big difference in our attitudes and helps us be more unselfish in our actions and thoughts.