Parenting from EXPERIENCE

This is a new page that I would like to see what we all have found that worked or didn’t work and why you think that way in this world of parenting….

Please comment!

Here is my most recent discovery:

A soft voice in my kids faces, at their level almost always invoke a more sincere feeling when disciplining and when showing love and appreciation!

WHY and How did I come to this?
Well, You might say, “well DUH!” But its true! It seemed for awhile I felt I was yelling A LOT…. and I felt guilty every night and would vow to do better the next day. Having a 4 yr old daughter and 2.5 yr old son who seem to either have a good day or completely rotten one fighting all day about every little thing- has an effect on my mood- right? But as I pondered the problems and possible solutions, I found that I was doing things such as yelling from one room to another for them to come get a toy, or put something away, or eat the rest of their lunch, or whatever it was- I was also asking them to do things like “will you go get my phone off the table for me” when I was sitting on the couch no more than 20 feet away or “will you please pay attention to me when I talk to you” and then find myself texting or figuring out a lesson or doing laundry and brushing them off when they felt I really needed to listen to them. Sound familiar?

So I discovered that I was not being a good example of the things I would like to happen in my home. I was yelling about a lot of things, and 80% of it was just regular stuff, not part of getting in trouble, or being angry about something. Weird to me! Anyways, I have determined to, yet again, be better. I decided that I would not ask the kids to bring things to me that I can easily get myself, and to go and get down on their level and look at their face when I want something done (cleaning up a mess, eating something, not hitting, coming to get something from me, ect.) and in the past 4 days I have had wonderful success with it. I practice love and logic parenting but I have found that Love and Logic gives you the words and the procedures, but getting down on their level and talking softly as you express love and/or concern about what is happening really has been working like a charm for me! Of course there are exceptions, if someone is going to get hurt of course I will call out to them in alarm but really I want my kids to learn that yelling is only for emergencies- just like I teach them that crying is only for certain times and talking is usually used for everything else.

What do you think? What have you tried or done to help your homes stay calm and collected??? The dream of us all, RIGHT??? 🙂