New Dinner Idea

Wow. I have not posted for awhile…. that’s obvious! I’ll be honest, life just got in the way- vacations, holidays, work trips, and my camera dying were all players in the game these last few months. I have also been plagued with an inner ear infection that has caused me to be dizzy, nauseated, and very tired for the last two weeks. Ah well. Such is this mortal life! BUT- a midst it all, I have had some fun ideas hit me in my earnest desire to “appear normal”…. one of which is the star of this post, having APPETIZERS for dinner!

Yes. I had been asked to feed a few missionaries in our area for our church last Friday evening and due to my sickness I was TOTALLY not up for cooking up some huge amazing meal to fill two 19 yr old men who have ‘hollow legs’ as well as my family (which I had done before, and enjoyed it…). So in the end I thought, ‘well, I have cheese, crackers, fruit, beans, salsa, chips….what can I do with that?’ and then I knew. APPETIZERS. Yep. Here was the menu:
Water to drink- can’t have too much flavors in the mouth with appetizers….
Fruit platter- strawberries, oranges and grapes arranged to look awesome
Mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese slices arranged with apple slices (classic combo) with a bowl of butter crackers on the side
Lil’ Smokies with Open Pit BBQ sauce simmered
Tortilla chips with homemade salsa and Refried beans, olive slices, jalapenos, sr cream and shredded cheese platter
Homemade Chocolate chip cookies
Took less than 20 minutes to prepare, and it was YUMMY.
TRY IT this week! See what your family thinks of an APPETIZER night for dinner!