Broccoli -Another Super FOOD

Ok, so I have been reading a TON about nutrition lately as my body has decided that what I am currently eating is not going to cut it in the long run…. ANYWAY…. I have learned a LOT and one thing I think is worth posting is about BROCCOLI!!

Here are a few facts:
Did you know broccoli has about 1/3 less calcium per oz than milk? HOWEVER— cow’s milk was NEVER meant to be eaten as much my humans as it is pushed to today. It actually creates an ACIDITY to our bodies when ingested in large quantity (more than 1 cup a day!) Remember how every child that switches from breastmilk to full cows milk has tummy aches, some diarrhea, maybe even fussiness and sadness???? Yup. You got it! And because of the acidity, it actually leaches CALCIUM from our bones to calm the acid build-up and thus leaves only 30% or 1/3 of the calcium we just ingested for use in our bodies….

so the lesson about calcium from broccoli is that 100% of the calcium we get from broccoli is put right to use building bones and strengthening our teeth! Yes, that means that although milk has 3 times the amount, we get the same amount from broccoli after it is usable.

But what is more important about broccoli, is that there is 100% NO Cholesterol, .03 g/fat in a whole CUP, only 6 carbs in a cup, and LOTS of antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, magnesium, etc etc.

So eat up ladies and gents! YAY for broccoli!!!!