Our newest addition to the table….

Dragon fruit. Why is my text blue and underlined? I have no idea… can’t get it off. Anyone know how to make it normal??

Anyway, oh- now its normal… whatever. Dragon fruit is a fun buy if you have a few extra dollars in your food budget. We are eating LOTS more fruit and veggies in our house and anything new and YUMMY is accepted. These were found at WinCo this particular week and it was SOOO fun to see the kids’ faces when I told them what it was and where it comes from. Then to open it and eat it and have it taste yummy was awesome. How to eat one: cut the bottom end and then start to peel it like an orange and the peel should just come right off. Slice up and enjoy! The taste is very mild, somewhat like a kiwi but much less tart. MMMmmm.