Report is in… my OFFICIAL 21 day VEGAN Trial report…

I have been changing my food habits and exercise habits since Feb 22, 2012 when some blood test results/3 Dr visits indicated that my insulin was having a really hard time utilizing the sugar in my blood stream for energy and was storing most of it for later (I gained about 10 lbs in 4 weeks prior to this time, hence the Dr visit- I knew something was off). Basically I was headed for Type II diabetes with my current diet and lifestyle. Which freaked me out a bit since I thought I was doing good. I was exercising 30 min/3 days wk. My goals after the Dr visits were: lose 40 lbs (as Dr recommended, but scared me since I haven’t weighed that # since I was 14 I think…), increase exercise to 6 days a week to keep insulin levels low and burn more calories/fat, and eat healthier. Now that last one, caused me the most alarm since I really thought we had been eating healthy. So I began to ask myself what really IS healthy??

SOOO…. I read the following books (free from the library) to educate myself since the handouts from the MD were pretty useless, prayed about it, spoke with 3 individuals who I know are healthy and have recently changed their diets (and I might add are professionals in the field) and watched a documentary:

Forks over Knives* (Free on the Wii/Netflix)
-I also read a few reviews on this to get the ‘whole’ story since it seemed a little extreme… 🙂
The Glucose Revolution
Dr. Barnard’s Reversing Diabetes*
The Biggest Loser Program Book and Family Cookbook*
Totally Vegetarian Living
Diabetes for Dummies
Total Nutrition Today
Cook yourself Skinny (ok, not a book, but has some interesting info… I don’t recommend it.)
The Face on Your Plate*
studied my LDS religious health guidline in this matter called, The Word of Wisdom, found in our book of scripture called the Doctrine and Covenants.*
I also visited our good ol’ to see what my government was saying/teaching…
*=highly recommend!!

Here’s what I came up with FOR ME and my goals:
1. Start viewing MILK products as MEAT products. They really don’t have much difference when it comes to how our bodies use it. And don’t get me started on calcium from milk… even the USDA will tell the truth about how it is NOT the best source since it is meant for calves!
2. Eat using the following guidelines and track it every day to ensure total nutrition:
-Food groups: Whole Grains 5-8 servings a day, Legumes 3 a day, Veggies 4 a day, Fruits 3 a day.
-Drink half my body weight in water each day.
-Count calories to ensure weight loss using the following equations:
weight x 7= how many calories a day for weight loss
AND when I reach my goal:
weight x 11= how many calories a day to maintain that weight.
I also measured different areas of my body to track any inches lost.

Starting with Feb 22 I started to increase exercise and that started my body going but I didn’t start losing significant weight until I started my eating/calorie counting goal. So the dates are such: Feb. 22- Mar. 4, 2012 I just tried to do better and read all those materials.
March 5 I decided to go totally off milk and meat for 21 days as one of the books suggested and see what happens. And here is what happened since then that I think is worth noting:

Total weight loss: 10 lbs (yup- lost all that I gained in Jan! YES! So I may not look that different to some of you… but I can definitely feel it.)
Total inches around my body lost: 12.5
Energy level: Great!
Sleeping quality: amazing!

Was it hard? The first week was the hardest, just getting used to the changes- but the sugar cravings are totally gone now, and I LOVE that I can eat 8 freaking servings of grains/bread each day and I am still losing weight. I was always afraid of carbs but after understanding how foods actually work in my body I can choose foods that I know won’t hurt me! And guess what? My family LOVES it too! We are eating fruits and veggies and whole grains and I feel like we are eating healthy!

I know am still a far cry from my end goals, but I am feeling very confident that I will reach them with this new lifestyle in record time.


  1. Temala March 28, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Can you post or email me some of the vegan recipes you have liked? I have struggled trying to be gluten free and vegetarian. I feel like I can't eat anything.

  2. Robyn April 4, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Temala, are you totally 100% Vegan? Or do you eat eggs, milk, etc just not red meat? I have several recipes/menu ideas for GFree and Vegetarian, but I some of them have eggs, like one is Waffles with Fruit… etc. So I guess how vegan do you want? Absolutely NO animal products? Or just no meat prepared in the meal? Does that make sense?

  3. Robyn April 11, 2012 at 2:06 am

    Just an update on the diet— yep. Still doin it. Goin on 5 weeks. From Feb 22, I have lost 19 inches total all around my body and 13 lbs. I don't feel deprived as the sugar cravings are gone, and I LOVE new foods that have never been my fav before like holy cow- Avocados are SOOOO good. I liked them before, but now its like a new flavor! I also LOVE artichoke hearts, broccoli, oranges, and Spring Rolls with Shitake mushrooms and mungbean vermicelli. YUM. Anyway…. just sayin'! 🙂

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