On with the show!! Someone is watching you…

Have you ever felt that your life is somehow on display?? And mind you, it’s all in your mind because we all know that no one really has the time to worry about your life because they are so focused on changing their’s…. but Shakespear did say that “life is a stage” right?

Last night I attended a small gathering of women (and a few men) at my friend’s home. She has recently been changing a lot in her life and losing weight was a chief goal of hers. She has been successful and has used a supplement that helped her energy and weight-loss and feels this has changed her life for the better and felt to share it with all of her friends and family. As I listened to her share her inner most feelings about how others inspired her to change and to be motivated as she watched them put forth the efforts to change things, I realized how important it really is to change what needs to be changed in our lives. Changing items that are on our “I want to achieve [this]….” list or your “bucket” list can do amazing things for your outlook on your life and how successful you feel each day.

For many women, weight is a constant issue. For many women, their marriage relationship is a constant issue. For many women how they treat their children and feel about their children’s development is a constant issue. For many women health in general is a major issue. For many women just surviving a day and wishing she wasn’t feeling so desperate each day for happiness is the issue.

Whatever the “issue”, I want to encourage you to stay the course, “keep moving forward” (love the movie, Meet the Robinson’s- totally inspired me :), and start to do little things to change the things you earnestly want to change. It all starts with your desire. Changing your desires can be an amazing jump in the beginning. Remember God has said, “Through small and simple means, great things are brought to pass.” My friend talked about how she signed up for a 1/2 marathon (13 miles) and had never even run 3 miles before. She spoke about how inspired she was while running it with all the people around her either running or walking but the simple fact that everyone was moving forward and no matter how hard it got, everyone kept moving forward until they crossed the finish line. She also said “It was amazing the see so many people that were moving a lot faster than everyone else that day that wasn’t in the race!” It thought that was a profound statement. I have long loved the quote, “God can’t guide feet that aren’t moving.” It is true. Once you start down the road to change that “issue” of yours, utilize God as a support and KEEP GOING! Keep your part of the “act” on the stage going and you will never know who you inspire along the way! As I have learned, people are watching (your family and kids for sure)…. they may never tell you that you inspire them, but someone might, and it will be so awesome when you reach those goals and know you didn’t let them down!