Best Time To eXercise? … What’s your input?

 I have to go running in the morning before my husband goes to work. And it feels SOOO good when I run in the crisp morning air! I am alone, no traffic, no people, just me and my music and the knowledge that I am burning fat and shaping up my body. When I had a nursing baby it was hard to gauge sometimes when the baby would eat, but usually I am only gone for 25-40 minutes. So his alarm goes off at 6am, I get up and go running and he leaves for work about 6:40, so it works out.

When I do strength training, I use a resistance band and strength building exercises in the basement and those days I just work out after breakfast around 8-9am. Its kind of a mind game… I get excited to “sleep in” on strength training days… and the work out always seems fun because I got to sleep in. When I had a baby, I did my home workouts during the morning nap. Does this help those that feel they just don’t have the time?

I only exercise at night if I absolutely HAVE to— I am so done with my day after dinner that exercise has NO appeal and I more often than not will skip it. If I do it before the day even starts, it feels like I didn’t use up any of my time to do it! 🙂 And I love going about my day knowing I already exercised and burned 400 cals!

If you look really closely at your day, you will see a time that it will work. But my tip is to do it when it feels like it isn’t taking any of your time…. before the day “really” starts!