Weight-loss PLATEAU! I knew it would come….

So many of you have been following my weight-loss journey somewhat…. as much as I have told you! Right???? Anyhow- so about 3 weeks ago (actually about the same time as my last post) I stopped losing weight. AHHHH!!! However- NOT TO WORRY. I was armed and ready for this.

Everything I have ever read or heard about with weight-loss, especially a large amount of steady weight being lost, is that you will eventually hit a plateau. Where no matter what you do, you cannot seem to make that scale say you’ve lost anything. You may even gain a few pounds despite your constant exercise, eating right, etc. HOW FRUSTRATING!!! So here is what I did, and what I suggest to anyone who is counting calories and watching what they are eating to lose weight.

#1. Don’t change your exercise at this point! It is true that sometimes to lose you need to exercise more (essentially building more muscle, since that is what burns your fat) and eat less. While this is true, if you have lost weight to a certain point and have had a low calorie diet for long enough your body is smart and will try to keep you alive. THUS- your metabolism will slow, your body starts reserving every calorie it can and will keep doing this as long as you tell it there is a “famine” going on!  So you need to change your calorie count at this point- NOT your exercise routine. Keep it steady.

#2. Change your diet. If you have been eating say, around 1200 calories for a long period of time (longer than 8 weeks or 2-3 months even) your body thinks there is a shortage of food going on– why else would you be losing weight and eating less!!!??? So you got it….. EAT MORE! YES! Every dieter’s dream! I am not kidding.

Here is a two-week metabolism booster diet that I started after I didn’t lose for 2 weeks. This diet came into my hands after a friend of mine who lost significant weight, gave it to me as a starter back in February, but I knew it would work for a plateau as well if it boosts metabolism. So I kept it handy! This is my last week doing it and I am excited to say that although I was eating upwards of 1800 calories, I lost 3 more lbs over this two week booster diet period! Am I kidding? LOSING AFTER EATING MORE!!!???? It pays to do your homework. I read a book about metabolism, had my booster diet ready- so I was armed and ready for my plateau. I am just shy of losing 30 lbs these days…. my goal is 40 lbs. And yes, for those wondering it is less than I have ever weighed as an adult. But its ok, since I was overweight as a teenager. Not a huge amount, but enough. I am already weighing where I was at the age of 17. Awesome if you ask me. Am I liking my new diet and lifestyle? Can we say…… LOVE IT!!!

Now after you read the diet through clicking the link, you will notice that it suggests tea in the morning- I don’t drink tea, so I just had a small bowl of whole-grain cereal and skim milk or silk and 2 cups of water for breakfast. I also exercise in the morning, not in the afternoon, but it didn’t seem to matter. I still had a protein/carb snack in the afternoon. But that’s not hard- who doesn’t want carbs and protein in the afternoon???? 🙂 I would also highly suggest you use this two-week diet at the start of any weight-loss goal. It gets your metabolim revved up and ready to burn right! People that used this diet at the beginning of a weight-loss period lost 6-9 lbs! What a motivator! When used as a weight-loss plateau booster, you can expect a loss of about 3-4 lbs.