What the BLEEP do you know? Hopefully what you want….


So I recently was reintroduced to a concept I had learned back in the dark ages of college biology class…. brain neurons and how they form connections.

Stay with me here. I know for some of us, me included, this kind of thinking requires us to dust off the cobwebs of the “incoming deep new concept” filing cabinet of our brains. DO IT. It is worth the effort.

The link above is from a lifestyle and fitness coach who helps clients with just that: changing their lifestyles and weight and general fitness as needed to feel fulfilled and happy. From this video clip, we see a small clip from the documentary “What the *#!@* do we know?” In this film we learn this concept: OUR THOUGHTS -literally and physically- MAKE OR BREAK US.

I know the adage is old and familiar to most of us, that our thoughts lead to our behavior. However, how many of us have taken it to the level of experimentation on ourselves? How deep does it run? Can I simply think of baking bread and all the sudden have bread on the table? Can I think “I am a great mother and my children love me” and suddenly all my self sabotaging thoughts of guilt and pain from my parenting failures melt away and can be forgotten? To a point, YES! don’t take me too far here. Im not saying we won’t ever have “bad” feelings or thoughts, but be more aware of what we are telling ourselves. Kind of links back to a past post of mine on LYING to ourselves. Here is the link to that post: http://saltoftheearthlady.blogspot.com/2011/08/lies-vs-reality-womans-plague.html

Bottom line information here:
Our brains have neuro pathways that start to set up from before birth. As we grow and experience life, we make long term relationships from one neuron to another. These relationships can be good or bad depending on your goals and your morals and your ideals in life.
IE: A simple relationship could be “SKIN FEELING HOT IN HOT SUN= HEAT= BURN= PAIN= AVOID HEAT” but as you grow and learn about getting a tan and loving tan skin the relationship could start to change to “SKIN FEELING HOT IN HOT SUN= HEAT= BURN= PAIN= BEAUTIFUL SKIN” and the longer we keep sending that thought the more stiff and formidable that relationship becomes -AND- the harder it is to break.

BUT- The point I would like to stress, is that they can be broken!!! My current goal with my weight loss and health, started out with motivation from the doctors and wanting to feel better after months of headaches and fatigue. So my pathway before my weight loss and doctor visits was something like this I imagine:
“FEELING SICK= NEED REST= FEEL BETTER” and when that failed, it changed to:
“FEELING SICK= NEED REST and MORE EXERCISE= FEEL BETTER” and when that failed it changed to “FEELING SICK= NEED DOCTOR TO TELL ME WHAY IS WRONG AND WHAT TO DO and THEN I WILL REST= FEEL BETTER” and when THAT failed my brain went crazy and said “READ BOOKS and TALK TO PEOPLE THAT MAY KNOW= KNOWLEDGE= TOOLS= MOTIVATION to CHANGE LIFESTYLE” Or something like that. Now my neurons say something like this almost daily:
“I CAN CONTROL my EXERCISE and WHAT FUEL I GIVE MY BODY= LOSE WEIGHT= GOALS ACHIEVED= FEEL GOOD= GENERAL FEELING OF FULFILLMENT AND HAPPINESS.” Yay for me. And the longer I say that, the longer it will stay and become ME. I am grateful for this knowledge. I am more and more aware of what I am telling myself about things ranging form my weight, to my body, to my marriage, to my parenting style, to my religious piety! But just knowing this helps me feel in control and empowered.

Now what are you telling yourself??? I personally know many associates that say out loud (so I can only imagine the thoughts! 😉 “I just CAN’T _____.” or “I just think the word _______ and I shy away from _____.” or “My life is just too ______ for me to commit to _______.” Get the picture? They have affirmed it for so long, that according to their brain, it is true. Don’t be afraid to CHANGE it. It will take time to cement it in, but it will.