BE all that you can BE! In the….. Army? or just life?

This post is copied from something I said in response to a friends’ comment, “I don’t know how you do all you do!” I don’t feel that I do so much more than others, but I do believe we go through phases in life- good seasons and bad seasons- learning from each one. And when we are in a good phase, we should write down our thoughts and ideas for the bad ones! 🙂 And sometimes others’ experiences and good times can offer hope and ideas to someone else during their bad season.

“One of the things that we were blessed with early in our marriage was a good steady job. It didn’t come without the first 5 years of our marriage being absolutely NUTS and BOLTS 🙂 getting through both of us getting our schooling done and working through it all and starting our family, but having a steady job with good pay takes a lot of stress out of a few compartments in life I have seen. One key thing that I learned about 3-4 years ago, was about listening to my body and subsequently listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost more often. I didn’t know, or didn’t realize that the Spirit literally can be constant in our lives if we allow it to be and listen more often to hear and feel the presence of God and His love and direction in our lives. I started listening to my cues (sounds funny to say that, I thought of all those parenting books that teach us to listen to our kids’ cues). I feel that the cues you can get from your physical body are not purely biological- no only from our brains alone- but can be partly inspiration from heavenly sources as well helping us along and answering our prayers for help in the simply daily tasks. After all, “through small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” So – if I was tired, I would try to sit down and relax (sometimes that meant making a new batch of play dough first… then the kids would be occupied for at least 15-20 mins. If I felt overwhelmed, I learned to say “no” when people asked me to help them with something either a neighbor or someone from the church and be ok with it. If I feel like my husband isn’t doing all he can do, I started doing more for him believing the fact that if he wasn’t doing all he could do, work was probably really stressful that week and he needed a few days of less load and some wifely TLC. Works like a charm almost every time! When I feel hungry, I eat nutritional foods instead of candies or sweet baked goods, etc and then I feel so good knowing I ate something healthy and I’m not hungry anymore.  I started realizing that not only was I getting a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment each day, but I was less stressed in my mind and body.

Also finding some “escapes” have been miraculous for me. Running is the first that comes to mind- I never imagined running would be something I would EVER do, let alone LOVE to do, but it has blessed my life tremendously. Sounds crazy- but its true. I escape outside in the crisp mornings abt 6am, have my ipod nano playing, and just take off for 30-40 mins with no one to worry about but myself. I feel awesome knowing that I just ran 3-4 miles and I feel great and burned off all my steam that may have wanted to come out later in the day as stress/anger! And since I do it before anyone else is awake, it never feels like its taking any time away from my day. I escape housework (sort-of) by only doing laundry/heavy housework once a week. The day I do it varies depending on what we are doing that week. I escape the dinner time “what to make” & “rummage through the cupboards” stress by making menus every week without fail so that when dinner time rolls around I know exactly what to make and I look ahead when I make the menus so that on crazy days the dinner only takes 10 mins to throw together. We eat out once, maybe twice a month. I escape overspending and financial stress by budgeting our money monthly and that takes the guesswork out of what we can and can’t afford and how far the money goes each month. Wow this msg is long…. I’ll probably put it on my blog… my brain is spitting out rather good info here…. well anyway- just a few things I feel have helped our family life a LOT as well as our marriage and financial life.”

I think I could write more things as we all have different compartments in our lives and this only touches on a few, but I want to hear what others’ do….
What are some things that help you “do all that you do?”