I lost another 9.5 inches—- I didn’t know! YES!

I have to add a recent, yes, like last night recent, personal experience here:
 I want to totally STRESS the necessity of measuring your body as a measurement of success. When I started my weight loss/get healthy journey at the end of February of 2012, I measured myself in several areas- bust, hips, rib cage, thighs and arms. And I had been keeping track of inches lost as well as pounds lost via the scale weekly until things started to slow down in May and then I changed my diet again and started only measuring monthly. Initially, I lost a steady 2 lbs a week for 2.5 months! AWESOME. I also lost 6-7 inches a month. On month 4.5 or so, I only lost 4 lbs and was getting nervous… then month 5 ended and I had lost 3 lbs, and I was getting a little nervous- cycling through my plateau- and starting to wonder if I was changing all that much. What was weird was I wasnt losing a ton of pounds, but my clothes were still getting baggier, then I realized I hadn’t measured myself for 7 weeks- just forgot really- so I measured myself and found I had lost 9.5 inches since my last measurement! So although I had only lost 6-7 lbs in 2.5 mos, I had lost 9.5 inches. So I have obviously been toning up and trimming up but not necessarily losing tons of pounds. IMPORTANT! So not only am I still on my way to meeting my 40 lb loss goal, but I’ve lost a freaking total of 39— did you get that? THRITY-NINE inches. Didn’t anticipate that! Awesomeness. Yes, its free of charge. 🙂