Teach your kids (or yourself) the TRUTH about the food groups…



OK. So I have a soapbox called:
The top photo is a poster we made during Family night when I decided to start un-teaching what my kids had learned about the “food groups” at school. I have discovered through MANY books and other scientific journals that excessive DAIRY consumption is actually a culprit to many diseases and hardships on our physical bodies. And one way to combat this is to consider the fact that MILK products should be included with the meat- so that 2-3 servings of Protein? That is DAIRY and MEATS. Not a total of 5-6 when including both. ALL animal products together in the protein section. Something to think about, eh?
I have just a ‘little’ soapbox on this issue…. here is the soapbox:
I have found that most “generalized” nutritional guidelines are not very good sources when looking for truly healthy, nutrient rich foods. Example being the USDA’s Food Guide pyramid or MyPlate fiascos. One fact to remember is that lobbying DOES exist in the FDA just as it does in Congress. SO— yes. Certain food companies and organizations can LOBBY for, or pay large amounts of money to the FDA boards to have their products promoted. One of these, among MANY, is the Dairy Associations. Studies have shown for decades now that dairy products are not the best source of calcium and protein for human bodies. But since dairy farmers were favored so highly in the 60’s with “Milk: Nature’s Pure Food” and grew so fast and large, despite the current findings and even claims that too much dairy in human diets increases cancer, they made sure people still buy milk products. And I might add to the point that America is the #1 consumer in the WORLD for dairy. And we are also one of the highest in the world for cancer deaths… Wow. Now that’s a shocker to many of us!
But if you think about it, milk was meant for CALVES after all…. There are also many studies that encourage us to bring milk products into the same food group as the meats, after all there isn’t much difference if you really get down to it. So what does that mean? YES. Combine your milk with your meat and now there are only FOUR food groups instead of FIVE and better yet, we need to consume only 2-3 servings of meat/milk a day instead of the promoted 5-6! If you looked at the protein content of milk and meat and calculated how much proteins you are getting from 6 servings, it is well over 50! Holy smokes. We do NOT need so much protein. In fact, many diseases are hampered by poor kidney function- and guess what? Large amounts of protein is a killer to our kidneys! Hmmm. Okay.
Next let’s talk about animal products in general. I have learned from several books and medical journal articles that animal products, and this is ALL animal products- including the renown FISH as well as chicken, eggs, pork, beef and now including MILK, cause a small amount of inflammation in our human bodies as we digest them and try to utilize the animal proteins and minerals we get from their meat. Milk actually is so acidic that it leaches calcium from our bones to bring it back to a basic state to be used… so that calcium you thought you were getting from milk? Nope. Not really. My point here is that if we are eating animal proteins DAILY, we are causing inflammation daily and over time (and heaven forbid we actually eat 5-6 servings DAILY) we are definitely going to be having some problems. Some common ones include: arthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis, reflux, cancers, ulcers, headaches associated with blood flow to name a few.
Let’s talk cholesterol. Let me lay it down thick here as this next statement is rarely seen, understood, or “internalized.” Cholesterol can ONLY be found in animal products. Any mammal makes cholesterol. Yep. We already make our own! So it is to be seen that if you omit all animal products from your diet, it is impossible for you to ingest extra cholesterol. I say extra, because our bodies make cholesterol as part of the digestive process. Our liver makes it as a necessary part of its function. But, we don’t need extra. Our liver has the ability to help digest and use the animal cholesterol we take in as long as the amounts are small, but in too high amounts the liver is taxed to the point of harm and causes an alarming number of symptoms. Among these are high blood pressure, persistent head aches, poor digestive performance, gut aches, etc.
Why do they say there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol? From my understanding- HDL, or the good cholesterol, is cholesterol that is made up of a certain type of lipo-protien that helps attach to and guide the bad cholesterol, or LDL, out of our blood stream and takes it to the liver to be taken apart and digested. This is why blood work often measures how much HDL you have to LDL.
HOWEVER- HDL is NOT needed if you do not ingest any cholesterol at all. Studies are showing that HDL has been flawed in it’s name as a “good” cholesterol. Health care providers and surgeons make it known that cholesterol in any form isn’t a necessary or “good” thing to ingest as all cholesterol we ingest affects our blood health and liver function. And more importantly in large quantities it will do harm no matter what kind of cholesterol it is.
The other point I want to talk about is amino acids. Amino acids build our blood cells and allow proteins to be used for energy in the body. I won’t dispute the fact that milk is one food that gives you a complete amino acid chain (hence the popularity in the 60’s when they discovered this.) The grain, quinoa (keen-wah), is the only grain known to have a complete amino acid chain and has almost as much protein as milk. Betcha didn’t know that! All foods have pieces of the amino acid chain, and actually to get a complete chain all you have to do is eat a grain and a veggie or fruit each day and it doesn’t matter when you eat them. I used to think it was dangerous to eat vegan because you would miss complete proteins, but alas, that is yet another fallacy that is printed every where!

Think you don’t eat many animal products? Does this scenario ring true at all???
Milk or eggs and bacon for breakfast, a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch, cheese stick for a snack, or glass of milk with something, and then usually a very large portion of meat for every dinner during the week (and I might add Sunday’s are especially big on meat.) And then finish it off with a bowl of ice cream…. starting to see how much we really consume? I found it astounding when I really got down and dirty and recorded everything I was eating that came from animals and how it fit into all this. 

So for me, I decided to drop all animal products to a minimum of 5% of my diet. I also believe that a “vegan” diet is very healthy and has gotten a bad rap for reason’s I don’t employ. The “save the animals” tactic or “be whole and natural” are not ideas I wish to promote here. I think vegan eating just means true nutritious eating that includes these food groups: Proteins, Fruit, Vegetables, and Whole Grains. Scrap the sugar and oils and yes, the DAIRY. And the BOTTOM LINE: Do I feel better? Do I have more energy? Do I feel and look healthier? The answer——– YES! (Insert happy dance and a jump into the air with a cool punching motion! 😉

Your thoughts???