Ahhhh. Fish Tacos. Oldie, but GOODIE!


As I sat down to eat the other night, my food looked so good I was super excited to eat it— then I also realized it was a super healthy dinner and maybe I’d stick it on the blog… so a picture was needed!! 🙂

Here was the line-up:

*Minute Brown Rice (took 15 mins to make)
*Frozen Petite Peas (took 1 min to make in the microwave)
*Corn tortillas (warmed up for 15 seconds)
*Mango Salsa (Took 10 minutes to make while the rice was cooking)
*Tilapia Fillets, Broiled with a little butter and Salt and Pepper, then shredded with a fork (Broiled for 8 minutes after I finished the salsa.. what can I say? I am a master at kitchen dove-tailing.)

So how long did it take to put this on the table????
A whole whoppin’ 20 minutes start to finish. LOVE IT.
Gluten free, 98% fat/cholesterol free, sugar free minus the natural sugars in the mango and lime juice, and ………..
100% YUMMY. My kids all had 2nds. 🙂

My Recipe for the Mango Salsa: (there are only about a hundred different ways to make it….)
2 Mangos, diced
A Dash each of: Dried cilantro (fresh is awesome too), chili powder, cumin, and red pepper flakes.
1 Tbsp Lime Juice
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/4 cup red onion, chopped small
2 Tbsp your favorite salsa
-Mix it altogether and enjoy. This makes about 3 cups of salsa, or enough for about 12 tacos.