For the HOME/Family

#1: That’s right. Good old, CHEAP, Hydrogen Peroxide. I LOVE this product:

  • It costs less than $1 for PLENTY of uses
  • Works AMAZING for Sore Throats- if you can get your kids to gargle with it a couple times a day 
  • Used regularly (like once a week or so) as a mouth rinse, you will kill any and ALL bacteria in your mouth and throat- YES!
  • Soak your mouth guards, toothbrushes, and anything else you need sanitized and kept clean of buildup. This stuff eats it up! 😀 Just keep a small cup of it on the bathroom counter for this. (Different than for rinsing your mouth with…. YUCK.)
  • Pour some into the bleach compartment to sanitize a nasty load of washcloths, cleaning cloths, or just your washer or a regular load of laundry and GUESS WHAT!!! NO lingering bleach SMELL! 
  • Use a small amount on cuts and scrapes to clean and disinfect.
  • Keep it in your cupboard as a LOW COST disinfectant for ANYTHING you want to disinfect!! Cutting boards, hands, counter tops, medical needs, etc.
  • NO MORE Bleach, harmful odors, expensive cleaners and mouth washes, or sore throats!

#2: Ok, so the picture isn’t that good… its called “LEMI SHINE”
I LOVE this product- it was introduced to me by my neighbor Brigitte Linford- living in Idaho with hard water it seemed hopeless to try and have shiney spotless dishes. And chipping off mineral buildup from your bathtubs, windows and dishwasher was part of life. NO MORE! YES. I love it. You add this to your dishwasher load and it takes care of business. Shiny dishes, clear cups you can see through, and a dishwasher free of buildup. No other product (and I have used well over 6 different ones) has done such a good job.