From the Mouth of one of my BABES… for a laugh!

As many of us know, motherhood is a roller-coaster ride. Emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. Well, my son, who is 3.5 has reached that age when he no longer thinks “inside” his mind… it all comes out! Here is a few instances from the past few months:

Just last SUNDAY at Church:
  We arrive to Sacrament Services 10-15 mins early each week because I am the organist and I need to play prelude music. I don’t sit with my family until after the sacrament is passed and then I go down and sit with them until I need to play for the closing hymn. We often sit near the front so I am not too disruptive as I move about. SOOOO- While the chapel is filling and people see me setting up my music and turning on the organ they start being reverent and quieting down waiting for the music to begin—- then we ALL hear loud and clear- and there is no mistaking my urgent and worried sounding son’s voice-

“But Mom has a BIG BUTT!!”

Yes. It is true. I whirled around just to… what?! Confirm my identity??? I guess so…. my family and several others are quietly “shaking” in their pews trying to muffle their laughs as I have no option than to continue my lovely prelude….

It was a joyous Sacrament Meeting. In the end, I learned that Jaxon was worried that as the family sat down, they did not save me room for when I would come and sit down with them… and when dad showed him the slim space between the edge of the pew and himself… well… this story makes sense… Right? đŸ™‚

At the department store:
  We were looking in a rather cramped section of the store where there was lots of shelves and many people looking for items in this particular isle. A friendly looking elderly woman, who was a little heavy, was examining some children’s books behind my son and I who were also looking at the books. As she bent down to grab a book from the bottom shelf and at that very moment he turned around to face her rear-end which was right about his height…. and he proclaims definitively while pointing and looking rather disgusted… “Mom…. THAT is a REALLY Big Butt.”And walks turns on his heel and walks on down the isle the other direction…. what was I supposed to do? I just followed him.

While visiting with a friend:
  This particular friend of mine likes to style her hair rather “poofy” lets say…. she is a wonderful friend and I don’t mind her hair style… just making sure you understand the scenario….
As we are visiting, she asked my son,
“Would you like a candy cane? You are being such a good boy.”
Jaxon replies, “Yes.” But doesn’t put out his hand…. When I coax him to take the candy cane from her as my hands were full and he says,
“Mom! I don’t want to take it. You take it!”
I tell him he’s being silly and to just take it or he will just have to not have one this time. Bad move… shoul’ve recognized the worried look in his eyes as he stared at her…
His response…
“No- that lady is scary! Her hair is really crazy! I don’t want to take the candy cane! Please, mom! You do it.”
What do you say? My friend didn’t offer anything…. so I just said that she is wonderful lady who has lots of hair, grab the candy cane and shuffle out to my car with my son in tow….

At the OB’s office:
  The nurse kindly asked my son,
“Do you think the baby is a girl or a boy?”
His reply- said VERY matter-of-factly….
“It’s a brother. I saw his penis in my mom’s tummy. It’s like mine.” And just continues on eating his granola bar he brought with him….

Well, that’s all for today— but I’ve got many more!
Believe me- we have had many talks about politeness and saying the things we like instead of things maybe we don’t like so much…. oh man. Fun times!!!