My Christmas Message for YOU


Last week in Church we had a wonderful lesson on forgiveness. The Spirit was felt as we learned about the atonement of our Savior, and the truth that when we don’t forgive, we are not appreciating what the Lord has done for us. If we truly utilize the atonement in our lives, forgiveness should be something we try our hardest to bestow quickly as this shows the Lord we understand that He has suffered for that person’s (or our own) mistakes and sins, and it is wrong of us to want to make that person (or ourselves) suffer longer- especially if they have or are trying to repent and change. I challenge you to seek deep into your souls this Christmas season as we celebrate our Saviors birth and life, and if there is forgiveness you have been withholding either for yourself or someone who has offended you, find it in your heart to show the Savior you appreciate His sacrifice by forgiving them and praying for them. I know that by doing this you will have the best Christmas ever for having felt the Saviors love work in your life through the power of forgiveness! Have a wonderful Christmas and may the Lord bless you and your family in the things you need this season. Thanks for reading my ramblings!!!

Love,  Robyn