To eat or NOT to eat… RAW COOKIE DOUGH???

I was talking to a friend the other day and we were talking about cookies and I mentioned that I LOVE to eat the cookie dough……

“While your pregnant!?”

Well, I guess my dirty habit is out. Yes, I eat cookie dough, cake batter, etc etc etc. And no, I have never been sick from it. I learned in Culinary School that the risk from unbaked goods to our health is E-coli and Salmonella. Where does it come from?

Two places:
#1: Your cooking utensils, cutting boards, countertop, etc from cross-contamination with other raw foods that were not properly cleaned up.
#2: Eggs.

However, I learned that if/when it is from the eggs, it is actually from the SHELL. Not the actual egg itself. The egg does come out the rear end of a chicken…. and what else comes out there? Yes. You get the picture. Sooooo- if you wash your eggs, and wash your hands often during your cooking experience, you should be 99% safe! As for reason #1, that’s up to you. I can’t let you off the hook for not cleaning up properly… 🙂

And call me crazy, but yes, I do wash my eggs and my hands! I know- shocker. But I love dough, and yes, I even let my KIDS eat raw dough and batter!! GASP. In fact, we love to freeze cookie dough in balls and eat it that way 50% of the time.

One deviation from my dirty habit…
If it is store bought cookie dough I DO NOT EAT IT raw. I have no idea who did or didn’t wash their hands at the factory where it was made, and thus, we don’t eat raw cookie dough from anywhere besides our own home. In fact, I was reading about this very thing and 90% of the cases of contamination from raw cookie dough was traced to store bought cookie doughs! HA! Take that. And I also tend to find that store bought dough isn’t as good as homemade and honestly I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve bought pre-made cookie dough….
Thoughts??? Do you eat raw cookie dough??? Tell me I’m not the only one…