RX vs Natural Healing

“…after all… if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

I visited a close friend of mine awhile ago, and she and her family have been struggling health wise for several years now. She has been battling depression, weight fluctuations, skin and hair problems and back problems and he has been battling depression, weight gain, back problems, and a few more private issues I won’t detail out. They have been married for 15 years, have 3 children and live a very stressful life- but for the most part, they seem happy and get along well. However, during our visit, I couldn’t help but notice there were prescription bottles in several places. On the bathroom counter, in the bathroom cabinet, in the kitchen, and about 12 different bottles of drugs were on their dresser in their bedroom. I usually wouldn’t have noticed the bedroom ones, but the bathroom was needed by my son who was potty training and couldn’t wait for the more public hall bathroom to be vacated, so she suggested I use the master bathroom- hence, I noticed the bottles. (Just clarifying so you don’t think I’m a freaky snoop…;)

I realize I am still young and have lots of life to live. That is, if I take my health under my own wings and control it! I am amazed. Really- amazed at the health problems that are arising in MY generation. Not my grand parents, not my parents, but MY age group.  Several of my friends are battling serious diabetes, a large number are battling depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric issues. People just a few years older than me are slipping discs in their backs, having degenerating back issues, glaucoma, blowing their knees from simple tasks or low-impact recreation, and the list goes on. What in the world????? I have a feeling of accomplishment when the docs ask “What prescription medications are you taking?” and I answer NONE. My husband doesn’t take any either. I hope this continues for a long time! My goodness! In the next paragraph you will see some info that may explain some of these problems may not be all lifestyle- but drugs they took or are taking.

I watched the newly released documentary, “War on Health” that exposes many of the cover ups by your friendly government regulation branch- the FDA. Oh the FDA. I could go on and on about the ridiculousness of their schemes. However, I will leave it up to you to watch it and find out for yourself just a tiny glimpse of what is going on. The basics? That our FDA would be out of a job if people didn’t take prescription drugs. Yes. They get THAT much of their $ from drug companies. So, to keep their jobs, they have a nifty way to do just that- keep people diseased! I know- sounds tyrannical .. right??? But IT.IS.TRUE! They have made it a law now, that if you claim something can help a human ailment- ie: cherries help digestions and the antioxidants help your blah blah blah etc… then they can claim you are trying to sell a drug. Because their definition of a drug, is something that can treat an ailment…. wow. Sounds crazy. But IT. IS. TRUE. Many organic farms, or even regular farms and farmers markets selling home grown and raw items are being shut down all the time for this reason among a few others. Even doctors who promote natural healing over Rx are getting into trouble and even sent to jail for unlawful practice, since their methods haven’t had “studies” done to prove them… although most REAL doctors, who know the body well, know that intense nutritional help DO help diseases, and DO help the body to do what it was designed to do- HEAL ITSELF with the help of God’s amazing creations.

So in the end- I am an herbal remedy believer, I am a whole foods, REAL foods advocate- I am a believer in exercise and taking a few natural supplements when my body needs a little help. I believe in chiropractic care and have seen amazing results from our chiropractor. Not all chiropractors are created equal- as Doctors and Dentists are not either. You have to pick and choose.

So don’t just take Rx drugs because the docs says so. You have the right to go home, do some homework, look up exactly what you will be taking, and decide for yourself. Take control of your health- because as the classic Princess Bride scientist says, ‘if you haven’t got your health- you haven’t got anything!”