Pregnancy and EXERCISE: my conversion

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So this picture should be locked up and kept for only the truest of friends to view- so, here it is on the WWW and a blog no less! However, I know that ALL of you who read this are my best friends, so you appreciate my picture. πŸ™‚ Thanks in advance! LOL!

This is my 4th pregnancy, and by FAR my favorite. Yes, I am nearing 33 weeks, feeling the aches, pains, and off and on sleepless nights as the belly gets bigger, but all in all, I AM AWESOME.

I have never exercised through a pregnancy, but I have been converted! I always told myself- “this is a time to relax- to stop worrying about your size- etc etc etc” and the classic line, “Exercising makes me so tired during pregnancy.” I can honestly say, that the women who have told me that, exercised maybe 2-3 times during their pregnancy, so I’m not banking on too much of that thought process there being a valid reason to abstain from it.

All I’d like to get across to you is that exercising during pregnancy is SOOOOO SUPER AMAZING For your body, your health, and most importantly (well, I hope this is most important to you during pregnancy….) the health of the BABY.

Women who exercise and watch their nutrition during pregnancy are shown to have healthier baby weights, healthier weight gain during pregnancy, better blood pressure, better mood and energy, better sleep, and better luck getting the weight off afterwards. HOLY COW. Why not exercise during pregnancy???

What do I do? No- I don’t count calories and run marathons. Although, if you regularly do those things, with your physicians OK I think you can do those things if need be…. but anyway- What about me? Plain old, jane old, me?

I just keep eating WHOLE fruits and veggies (rarely canned, precooked items if I can help it), beans for half my protein and lean white meats and grains for the other half, whole grain bread and pasta, rices, nutritional supplements that my doc okay’s and my chiropractor okay’s, and for beverage? ONLY WATER! and I exercise 3-4 times a week. YES I still do! at 33 weeks! My weight right now, at 33 weeks, is still lower than what I started at last year when I started my goal to lose 40 lbs. Awesome? YES. Also, my pants that I used to wear all the time for 8 years or so? Yah- they have turned into my maternity pants… just hook an elastic to the button whole and I’m good. Also, several of my shirts from my pre-weight loss are now my maternity shirts. CRAZY, but awesome. Did exercising ever drain my energy? No, but when I had already had a sleepless night I am sure it added to a measure of my fatigue, however, the benefits to my digestive system, my mood and my overall health outweigh the few times that happened. And my glucose test? That the doctor told me I would most likely fail due to my diabetic “almost” history—- passed it with flying colors. My blood sugar was 126. Awesome.

As for the actual exercise? Well- lets just say my investment in an elliptical was a good one. Not only is is great for joints because it is zero impact, but for pregnancy, that is the #1 worry with exercise- INJURY from impact- so I was good there! Also, it is easy to go at your own pace on an elliptical. No pulling like a treadmill. You set your pace and you can adjust as you go with out any trouble. I also still do pushups and leg lifts and standing up crunches. P90x taught me those. My total time is about 30 minutes each session at this point. It was longer at the beginning, but I watch my heart rate carefully and listen for my body to give me cues to when I need to be slowing down.

In a nutshell, I don’t know if this is my last pregnancy or not, but if I ever do have another one, I will exercise through it no questions asked! BEST THING EVER! Oh, and ya know, I am normal- so those occasional nights of ice cream/or chocolate and a movie? Didn’t feel guilty at all when I knew I was working out! I didn’t overdo it- I have learned my lesson the hard way with that- but Its nice to have a treat and know its not “overload” from what you have already eaten that day.


  1. Crystal Whitworth June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    I wish I had read this at the beginning of my pregnancy. Definitely exercising next time around!

  2. Crystal Whitworth June 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    I wish I had read this at the beginning of my pregnancy. Definitely exercising next time around!

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