Counting my blessings…..

This post comes at great need for …….. myself. Indulge me for a moment? I think I have felt this way at the end of each pregnancy, just feeling so grateful for what I have and grateful for the life I have been given.

The facts are there- the world is losing the morality battle, our nation is thriving in industry and yet there are SO many jobless, we also have one of the richest nations in terms of quality foodstuffs and yet adults and children alike are adversely affected daily by diseases related to their food choices, and politically we are sunk. Sound uplifting? Of course not. But I feel reason to rejoice and to love my life and to seek out knowledge and raise children amidst all of this. Why? I believe in a loving God and that he has a Son, Jesus Christ, whose life changes everything for me daily. 
This link will take you to a message given by a leader in my faith about the love of God and his constant care of us. Message to All! I believe that God DOES watch over us, knows us, and he does indeed send tender mercies to us in times of need, we just need to recognize them. Just a few tender mercies from me this week-
I am 38 weeks pregnant- anticipating great challenges and changes in the next few months, and yet I do feel grateful to be able to bear children despite my physical limitations, YAY for modern medicine or I’d have been gone with my first pregnancy. I am a c-section woman, and this is #4, and yet- AND YET- I have been able to recover from them all, gain back my body and health, and have healthy children each time. This particular pregnancy has been the best one yet. No constant swelling, regular blood pressure throughout, and I can freaking go grocery shopping for the week with my kids and not die! 🙂 The Lord knows me well indeed. 
My husband is an angel sent from God into my life for sure. He is one of the sure foundations of my life. I love his every whim and word. I love love love that man. We have a marriage that is built on faith, trust, and yes, definitely- “pixie dust.”You know what I mean? 😉 We have had and I know we will have bumpy times, but I am confident that we will make it through safely and happily! As I watched him do the dishes the other night with his music blaring (the song at the moment of this tender mercy was “Twist and Shout”….:) and his dancing and singing while doing a superb job of cleaning up a very messy kitchen I felt overcome with gratitude for his life in mine. Funny how doing dishes is so attractive sometimes……:) There was no complaining, no asking if it was his turn or comments about which dishes were really from that day, etc… stuff I probably would have said… he just cleaned up dinner and set to work. Again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this man!!!

My kids. I guess the tender mercy the Lord has given me is motivation and understanding and patience….. what can I say? I guess I require a lot!! And yet it was given at a time of need. I have been able to be more patient and loving and even CRAFTY for the past 6 months and we have had great times building dioramas, going on short family vacations, learning about sciences, learning letters and numbers, and even making and decorating cookies multiple times. My connection with them has grown 100 fold. I am so grateful for having had these months of love and fun as I know our lives are all about to change with baby #4 coming soon. They are all healthy and able and happy. Such a blessing!!!!
I don’t want to sound braggy or anything, just recognizing that the happy good times in our lives are not just by chance. God is the orchestrator of our lives. He helps us when we need help if we ask, but my point is that many times he helps us even when we don’t ask…..and that is these tender mercies I am talking about. I have learned about a few peoples’ trials this past week that I had no clue about that changed my perspective yet again towards finding true Christlike love for others and how important it is! I have found it true over and over that love, true unconditional love, opens and keeps open doors that nothing else can. God has that love for us and if we can recognize it, we will gain deeper faith and deeper understanding to our life plans as we feel confident that it is most definitely NOT just coincidence.