I’ve been selected to teach at BYUI Education Week!

OK. This is serious business. BYU-Idaho has asked me to be a teacher at their annual Education Week.  I will be teaching along side some serious professors and even a few of my own former professors I absolutely admire. I am humbled and nervous at this request, but I am excited and honored at the same time! I want to get some feedback and ideas from all of you readers about my topic.

I am teaching a class called “Healthy Family Meals on a Budget.” The class synopsis is:

***”Home-cooked meals around the family table seem to becoming a lost art and practice. Let’s take a look at some simple things we can do to bring back nutritional eating with our families—and get back our health, hone our skills, and even add a few extra dollars to our wallets.”***

Here is the link if you’d like to read about the program. Registration is currently open.
BYU-Idaho Education Week

Here are some of the questions I have been asking myself, but I’d really love my class to be well rounded so PLEASE let me know your questions, comments, concerns and ideas about what to bring up etc for the class. I feel I have adequate skills to teach this class, but I’d like some outside opinions before hand to let me know what others feel about it– Get a feel for what I might come across when I teach.

  • Why would the Lord want a class like this to be taught at an even such as this??? This is a private  religious university, for those of you who don’t know, and teachers are requested to offer religious support to their objectives.
  • What would you like to learn from this class? 
  • Why would you choose to take this class?
  • What questions would be on your mind upon entering this class?
  • What life experiences tell you this is an important topic to discuss?
  • What does the word “healthy” mean to you? It is a widely obsessed about word… what does it  mean to you? Lifestyle? Food? A certain physical state?