Need a laugh? Let my 4 yr old son help you out!

Remember that post awhile ago that made us all chuckle– some even laughed hard enough to invoke a choking fit! 🙂

Well he’s been at it again. Seems this little boy of mine has quite the need to express what he’s thinking…
and for some reason- many times, this happens at church!!

Here we go– these 3 instances happened Just YESTERDAY while we were attending church. This week was our semiannual Stake conference. In my church, congregations are called Wards, and several Wards create a Stake, and twice a year we have a Stake conference for our Sunday meetings where our leaders speak to us about things specifically needed in our Stake. ANYWAY- now you know… oh, and it was also my first week back to church since having the baby—

#1: Since it was Stake conference, it was a LARGE crowd… and it was broadcast over the internet, so we were watching our conference on a large screen at the front of the chapel, and it was dim inside the room so we could see the projection…. the Stake President was conducting the meeting and as such needed to speak several times to introduce the program outline, the speakers, songs, etc. And towards the end of the meeting, the Stake President stood one final time to share his message as the final speaker.

Well, my son, Jaxon who is 4, lets our a very audible “SIGGGGHHHH…..” of annoyance, slumps down in his seat…. and then sits up and says very loudly:

“Ahhh. Not THAT guy again!” and then slumps down in his seat again. Awesome.

#2: Earlier during the same meeting (I know, aren’t you sad you missed it? 😉 it was time to sing and we started singing as a congregation “CALLED TO SERVE….” and above it all- yes, above it ALL- you can hear a little boy singing,

“CHOOSE THE RIGHT! CHOOSE THE RIGHT! FOLLOW THE PROPHET, DON”T GO ASTRAY!” Super Awesome. I didn’t chastise him- I figure- let the boy sing! Right?

#3: The people behind us were admiring our 4 week old son as I lifted him to my shoulder to burp him, and I could make out a little of their whispered comments of how small and sweet he was… etc. As I handed the baby to Jaxon to hold for a minute, I sensed they were watching (as I’m sure they were watching ALL of Jaxon’s self-entertaining moments he has developed for church) and was thinking to  myself “Awe. Big brother and little baby. So sweet. I bet they think this is so cute” and then Jaxon blurts out loudly in his high “baby voice” that he’s been practicing…….

“Hello little poopy pants!!!” and then in his normal voice, which is quite loud as well (and I am, of course trying to get him to talk quietly), “Mom, he’s a poopy pants, huh. You ALWAYS say that to him, huh. And he has a pee shooter, right Mom? Thats what we call his penis, right? A silly little pee shooter.”

And then he just sits back content to hold the baby’s hand while I am absolutely dying of laughter, and hoping I haven’t destroyed someones Sabbath!

I don’t think I heard any of the speech that was going on during this moment, but I am confident that all the people around us were reminded of the pure conscience of children and the family love and learning that goes on at this stage of life.

 It was quite the meeting. Oh- it was only 2 hours- but man. That little boy created enough entertainment for us and probably most people within a 30 ft radius of our pew.