I clean my bathrooms with WATER…….time and $ saver? Yes and yes.

So about a year ago or so I was asked by a friend to come to a get together to learn about some products. We’ve all been there, Right??? Anyhow- it was a fun time with brownies and such, and I learned about a product with the brand name of NORWEX. Weird name. But on with the story—

These products claim to have antibacterial power woven into their material and microfiber grabbers that  take off dirt and grime and germs using only WATER. The products seemed a little pricey, but seeing as you only need one cloth, and its guaranteed for 2 years, and you would no longer need to purchase Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, or whatever your favorite cleaners are and there would be no need for paper towels or nasty “bathroom” cleaning dedicated terry cloths to wash, I came to the conclusion that the price would be worth it… IF IT REALLY WORKED.

Since I was low on funds at the time I just purchased their dusting mit since I had a super nasty dusting job that I had been putting off because the dust was so thick I knew it would literally rain down on me once I disturbed it… I know. Its true. I have those kinds of places in my house. *gasp*.

ANNNND…… I was very impressed. The mit did the job in 15 minutes, held up to its pledge to “grab” the dust and hold it, as well as only needing a few pauses to be vacuumed off. So I saved my pennies and bought the Envirocloth (kind of a all encompassing type usage claim) and the Polishing cloth (for glass, crome, shiny things, etc.)

ANNNND……. I am so impressed I am blogging about it. So now, cleaning the bathrooms takes me a whopping 10 minutes, MAYBE, since there is no “spray it down, let it sit, change cloths, run to get a paper towel” moments. Yup. I just put a little water on the cloth and go to town! And after I had cleaned the bathrooms a couple times, (washing the cloths in my washer with…get this…. JUST HOT WATER…) I was using them on the trim, light switches, etc and it dawned on me that since I didn’t have to use any chemicals or sprays of any kind any more, the KIDS COULD DO ALL THIS CLEANING! I had been waiting for them to get old enough to use the sprays and be able to get the drips so it doesn’t stain or get on something that cant get that particular spray on it.. etc. So I immediately enlisted my kids and explained how to use the cloths and they went to town. Cleaned all the windows inside, all the trim and window sills, ahhhh. It was amazing. So yah. I am PROMOTING THIS. So many company’s claim “GREEN cleaners. No chemicals that harm! etc etc etc.” But nothing competes with WATER only.

My neighbor is a consultant for them, her name is Wendy Jensen. Look her up on the Norwex “connect with a consultant” tab and call her for details and to order some. Seriously.