My BYUI Education Week reflections….

Well, since you my faithful followers… 🙂 RIGHT???!!!! knew all about my education week endeavor at BYU-Idaho, I decided to indulge you and write about my experience and feelings.

First and foremost, I think this experience has boosted my self confidence to achieving my goal of being some kind of higher education instructor. I LOVED that the questions and comments in the classes were educated, well thought out, and honest questions that the patrons felt I could help answer. I love that I left with a feeling that someone was helped during the classes, that someone felt empowered and edified, and that someone felt that being healthy physically does not take lots of extra money, a body shape, or a certain know-how. And above all, the point that being healthy physically, effects how we feel spiritually, in a BIG way. I LOVED being an instrument in relaying information that I felt God wants people to start understanding and putting into action in our lives in these last days.

Second, I love that I came away with so much positive energy. Energy from the people in the class, energy from the opportunity to be on a religious campus and TEACH, energy from within myself from the feelings of hope, happiness, and fulfillment of righteous goals and desires. When I teach someone something and they feel excited and motivated by it, it is reaffirming to myself that I DO KNOW SOMETHING that someone else wants to know. I DO KNOW SOMETHING someone else needs to understand to move forward. And mostly that I have moved forward and grown spiritually and physically by gaining this knowledge and sharing it with others. I laughed at the end of my class when several people clapped…. it still gives me a smile. Obviously someone felt it was a great performance! Ha! And during my second class, the room was so full there was barely floor space. Yep- people were sitting on the floor!!! I felt humbled.

Third, I realized just how much physical laws affect spirituality levels. After each class I had several people come up and talk to me about issues they were having that were similar to mine 18 months ago. I had amazing people that I look up to asking me advice about cooking for families and ideas of how to get their kids excited about food and the power they can have by taking charge of their physical health. The point that I brought out that many people found interesting was that not only does your food you eat affect you physically, but WHEN you eat it, HOW you feel about it when you do, and WHO you give the POWER to, to ultimately choose how healthy your food is and how it affects you personally. I know- lots to take in here. But essentially, when you eat out of your home, you are relinquishing your agency for your food choices and a degree of your nutritional future to whomever is preparing your dish that day or night or whenever. And I’d like to think that most of the time its a fair chance that the choice is a good one. However, studies show that people that eat out are more likely to have health issues physically AND emotionally that those that prepare their food at home. Simple as that. Also how many adults agree that children do not understand where their food comes from- how to cook or how to shop appropriately for balanced meals. SO MUCH was brought out! I LOVED IT!

So in the end- I LOVED IT. I WANT TO GET MY POST GRAD DEGREE and teach and speak to people professionally about this stuff. And I will put a plug in here that if you are interested in learning more about how to eat healthier in the home as a family- a busy woman in todays world- how to speed recipes up and not tear them down nutritionally- and WHY it can change your life for the better- I would love any opportunities to speak to other groups on another occasion. This was so fun for me and very fulfilling. Ahhhh. God is good.

here are my handouts for this particular class:
Three section highlights
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