Are my kids picky? Or am I trying to make them eat what I eat when they don’t need to eat that way?

How many times have you heard fellow parents say, “My kids hate dinner.” “My kids will not eat what I prepare.” “My children are so picky.” “I have to prepare different foods for my kids every meal.”

I have heard those things several times. And I have to tell you that I have found that in many cases, it is a real problem, and in many other cases, it is just the way it is SUPPOSED to be.

I am NOT saying to prepare different foods for you and your kids every meal time.
I am NOT saying that your kids shouldn’t have to eat what you eat.

I am saying that kids NEED to eat differently than you, because they are not you.


Case in point:
I have discovered through my own research, that milk products are more hazardous to our health than I ever thought possible. Here are a few of the negotiable points:

  • Most milk products are high in fat, saturated fat, sugar, calories, sodium, and empty carbs. 
  • Research affirms that animal milk causes an acid reaction in our human bodies that causes more calcium to be leached from our bones to counteract the reaction, than calcium consumed to build up the bones. This reaction also can cause inflammation in our bodies causing a number of other bodily pains and ailments.
  • The calcium in animal milk is not readily absorbed into adult human bones without other foods to help it.
  • There are other facts, but for this post, I will end there.

Milk DOES have its good points, too, and I’ll get there. My research affirmed that most adults are consuming WAY too much milk products (and other products that have milk in them) and it is a large part of the rise in health problems in the U.S. such as obesity, joint pain (arthritis), ulcers, and even headaches and general sluggishness (hence the need for so many stimulants to keep us awake and keep our metabolism running due to loss of muscle.) 
So- what about all the hype about the healthy aspects of dairy products???? Well, I will be clear with you- there are a substantial amount of educational programs, ads, and even USDA sponsored programs that are up front paid for by people that want to sell their products- and some are put together as government aid for the Dairy Associations. Not because some medical study came out with a super awesome breakthrough saying that dairy products are amazingly healthy. Sorry, that is just not the case. 
But like I said, milk products to have some protein, some calcium, riboflavin and B12. All good things! But the high fat and calories found in some milk, most cheeses, sour cream, dressings, and heavy cream are a definite culprit of possible unhealthy eating. And the low fat ones? Often have more sugar and sodium to compensate for the lack of flavor fullness. I’m telling ya- whoever said adults should consume 3 dairy servings a day? I’m not on their side of the fence. 
SO- point of CASE IN POINT:
Children are growing. Adults are not. Children have bone growth and calorie needs that are different than an adults’. An active child (and I hope all of our children are active) needs the fat/calories and efficiently use them, and their bones in a state of constant growth need all the calcium they can get, and the B12 and riboflavin are essential for cells to grow. So is it a healthy choice for a child to have a yogurt or glass of milk for a snack occasionally? Sure. Do they NEED milk products, no. There are lots of other ways to get the nutrients milk boasts. Adults? Not a necessity at all. 


So when you want to eat something different than your kids, say a salad instead of mac and cheese- please do so!!! If you want to order a fruit smoothie instead of chicken nuggets, please do so!!! If you want to eat a turkey sandwich with cucumbers, peppers, and tomato instead of a grilled cheese, please do so! If you are eating the healthy choice for an adult, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily the healtheir choice for your child too. In fact, I would suggest all our adult meals should be a little different than children 0-18 yrs.