BOYS will be BOYS…. or boys SHOULD be boys……?

I was noticing. again, the other day how my son’s play is a lot different than the girls. He likes to shoot, wrestle, or take to jail the bad guys to protect the girls, and the girls will take him to a “restaurant”(snack time) and go on “play dates”(in the backyard). I have also noticed that when I have gone to work in the kids’ school, the kids that are often outside the rooms in trouble and in the office because they are in trouble, are almost always boys. I realize that boys do have a wonderful sense of adventure that sometimes needs to be tamed for a few minutes in order to focus long enough to learn an important skill or such, but for the most part, BOYS will be BOYS. And that involves high action, lots of movement, thrill, and many times make believe life and death situations. And in my mind, IT IS 95% OK.  I have noticed just from observing how my generation and group of friends have taken to adult life, getting married, having kids, getting higher education, careers, etc that there is a small lack of willingness to do really hard things. Whether its emotionally hard, physically, spiritually, or whatnot. And I am observing in my own kids and kids just older than them an even larger scale of this issue. Why? I am not sure of all the problems that could be causing this issue, but one of them I am sure has some correlation- and that is our treatment of little boys and girls. In this post, lets focus on the BOYS.

The article below is a GREAT synopsis of one aspect of this growing issue, which is becoming a problem.

Society is slowly changing the cultural expectations of men from hard working, bread winning, women respecting and protecting, children rearing, decent physical abilities— to a women fearing, political tug of war for sexual identity and morals, and not good enough for child rearing attitude. TO SAY THE LEAST. There are SOOOO many amazing men out there that, due in large part in my mind, because of what their parents and grandparents taught them are wonderful examples of what men ought to strive for. Men that have taken the responsibility to be the chief bread winner, be the physically fit dad who can fix things around the house and take care of basic yard needs and wrestle with the kids in the living room and take them on fun physically challenging outings as well as protect their mother and show love and kindness toward her. Take all of this with a grain of salt, since politics anymore would throw me in jail for expressing such cultural bias…. 🙂 RIGHT!!!???? I really think people in many instances would condemn the boys first in a trouble situation involving both sexes. And those people would be right most of the time- so what!? So boys get in trouble more often- people, its been that way for thousands of years and I think its ok. Honestly, I think boys are feeling negatively inundated with people telling them it should be otherwise. But to suspend boys for simple, innocent, having fun things like biting their bread into shapes like guns, cars, and making pinecones grenades and bombs?? REALLY???? Really. Its in the article, and happening all over. Its taking our boys from ready to face the world and their God given instincts to protect and defend and love tenderly, to I don’t know what. It seems like wimpy, overly sensitive, not caring about school at all, not respecting adults at all, and in the end, not respecting themselves much either.

Anyway- all I’m saying, is that BOYS will be BOYS. Yes, they may jump off the kitchen table with a cape made of your favorite kitchen cloth. Yes, they will probably take your meat skewers and use them for arrows and swords and fight, fight, fight! Yes, they will splash all over the bathroom during their bath time while their CARS and Heroes take down a sea monster or alien threat. Yes, they will most likely break a bone doing something crazy like jumping off the bunk beds onto a play horse or fort. But they NEED to have a healthy level of aggression. They NEED to have high action and small thrills. They just DO. I have learned a lot of this from watching my own children, and observing my immediate large family of 12 and my husbands family grow up and face societal scrutiny for traditional morals and values.

I have 2 boys and 2 girls and you can bet money that I do not encourage my boys to feed the dolls and make Ball Dresses out of sheets. And if they do? Whatever. Nor do I encourage my girls to go outside and attack the evil fortress made of weeds or make masks, tool belts and swords out of old boxes and foil. But if they do, whatever.

My own little city of Idaho falls is trying to pass an ordinance that is called “Public Accommodation”. And there is a lot of crying going on about it from people that feel they can decide what their gender is despite what they find physically on their bodies???? REALLY???!!!! Yes. What are we becoming??? So people that “feel” they are a boy or girl despite what they really are can use public restrooms labeled as such. Wow. Whatever. I actually think it would be a great idea to have public restrooms that are for everyone to use no matter who you are, isn’t that what we do in our homes anyway? As for locker rooms, make them public as long as there is privacy covers installed. Simple. No crying or gender announcing needed. Thank you.

I can tolerate people choosing same-sex attraction routes and even people thinking they are a boy then it is clear God meant for them to be a girl. But to say people that offer services for boys and girls separately should have criminal penalties? How is that fair or just or whatever? Why do the minorities always get special attention? What happened to the old adage, “the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few?” Huh????? Just sayin’.