Lessons I learned and re-learned….

First off, I guess i should say sorry for not posting more! The holidays hit, and this blog wasnt a huge priority.

As I pondered what to write, after such a long absence, I felt like sharing some lessons I learned (and some I re-learned) over these past few months.

Lesson #1: A schedule is not ALWAYS necessary or the best.

#2: People rarely show their true nature in public. And even in an intimate family situation, it may take years and life and death experiences for some to show a soft, vulnerable and wanting soul that needs love, compassion, understanding and a simple hug.

#3: Being a mother, is a choice position where wisdom, charity, love, and true happiness can be found.

#4: I love going to all kinds of churches. Each one has its merits and points of view that I can add to my own and help my understanding of God and His purposes increase.

#5: Peace is a word that is growing more ambiguous every day. Many people try to define it with financial success/freedom, resolved family disputes, forgiveness, and even divorce. I have felt recenlty that true peace- comes when we understand who we are, where we are trying to get to at the end of our lives, and that God is in charge regardless of everything else. Sure all the things I mentioned before can give us measured amounts of peace, but I feel we can feel peace about our lives, about the future, about the people around us all the time without conditions if we choose.

#5: Money is mortal.

#6: There is always someone with a harder trial, but their trial isn’t yours, and should not cause you to compare your capacity to handle your life with theirs.

#7: Guilt, anger, and blame are not God given- They are learned traits and feelings from this mortal world and should be avoided at all costs.

#8: Why doesnt God just appear to us and make things easier for so many people to make good and happy choices? Because you cannot truly test agency without a measure of doubt.

#9: “You can either laugh or cry your way through life. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.” -Marjorie Pay Hinckley

#10: Slow and steady wins the race. “Slow” is relative. Steady is the key word here.

So there is a list of a few things I have learned. Share some things you have learned— and save the rest of us some headache! 😉