“What do you eat, Robyn?”

I have been asked SOOOO many times in the last 3 years, “What do you eat?”

Well, I figured if people are asking, maybe they really want to know…. I’m so SMRT. I know. 😉

Here goes:

For my family meals, we have a “GENRE” menu that we follow that helps me with variety as well as ideas for my weekly menu planning. Here it is:

1. Soup
2. Ethnic/or new recipe
3. Breakfast foods
4. Pasta dish
5. Sandwich of some kind (grilled cheese, baked bagelwiches, french dip, burgers, etc)
6. Salad night (or something like a salad- nachos, potato bar, pasta/chicken salad varieties with rolls,    green salad with all sorts of yummy toppings, etc)
7. Pizza (gotta have it once a week around here)
8. Fish meal
9. Casserole
10. Out to eat/pre-made frozen dinner (I only use this one 1-2 times per month- and its ok! I promise.)

In our meals we always include a fresh fruit or veggie, and then a cooked fruit or veggie, then protein and grains. Water is the usual beverage.

For myself, for lunches and breakfast and snacks- here are a few things I eat often:

Peanut butter
carrot sticks
occasional lean lunch meat, cheeses and soymilk
trailmix- not the candy coated full of sugar kind… more seeds, variety of nuts, and some dried fruits like blueberries, raisins, papaya, etc.
Whole grain crackers and breads
popcorn (not buttered)
Whole grain oatmeal with fruit
Salads- pasta and green- mexican varieties, and fun pasta salads with all kinds of veggies and flavors
Whole grain cereals
Occasional “Silk”shakes with fruit and nut butters
Occasional eggs and fish
 and other things too, but these are the majority of things I eat.