Are you FOR REAL????? A day in my shoes (or should I say BRAIN). Just one.

So last weekend, I was caught off guard by a couple comments/questions in regards to this blog.

#1: “So, when you write your posts, are they A: originally really long and then you cut them down? or B: do you just sit down, type it out, and publish without much revision?”

Answer: B. I rarely revise my writing or feel the necessity to cut out certain parts to make my point more clear or my story received in a certain way, or whatever the reason to revise may be. What you see, is what you get. 🙂

#2: “In your posts, you often sound like a perfect “Suzie Homemaker” and that motherhood is all sparkles and happiness. But when I see you in real life, I can see that is not always the case.”

This is the comment that got me thinking. I didn’t take offense to the comment- rather I saw the importance of making sure that readers know that there is most certainly two sides to every coin. And despite what my posts may sound like, in regards to a perfect homemaker, I’d like to confirm any suspicions that I am SUPERMOM undercover…. I’d like to expound on my experiences from just one day from this past week, to illustrate just how HUMAN I am. 🙂

Let’s just start from when the day began….. these are my thoughts and feelings:

3:47am. “Ugh. Baby is crying…. again. Seriously??!! (heavy sigh) I’d like to let him cry, but then it will wake people up and he didn’t eat good yesterday so I’d better give him a little bottle.”
5:00am. “Finally he’s asleep. I really don’t like to bring him to my bed, but I feel it will be easier than risking him totally waking back up by putting him down in his bed. Now to try and get a few more zzzz’s before the other kids wake up.”
7:07am. “Yep. There’s the girl’s room door. Oldest is up. She is such a great kid. Always getting up on time and getting ready for school, getting her own lunch and taking responsibility for herself. I should write her a love note. She’d probably really benefit from that.” (Note was never written… but the thought was there!)
7:45am. “Whew. Oldest is off to school- now for L and J. L needs her eye medicines. Check. Now what to do with them while baby is being grumpy and I have to hold him…. hmmmm. Coloring. Coloring will give them brain stimulation and quite time.” (They chose to play make believe which involved unfolding all the blankets and sheets from the day before and make a huge fort in the living room. But I had a few hours without worrying about them.)
10 am. “Ok. Baby is napping. FINALLY! Ugh. That kid is going to ruin my back! Time to workout.” (I hurried and changed, brushed my teeth (I mean, exercising and breathing hard with morning breath is just forbidden) and fit in a 25 minute intense workout while L and J were still playing make believe. I’m sure I SHOULD HAVE done a proper warmup and cool down, but these days, I say something is always better than nothing!).
10:30am. “I really need to hurry and do my scripture reading and prayers before baby wakes up.” (oh, it was about 30 seconds after I said that, then I heard baby babbling… so I still did my reading and prayers and hoped that he would be having some great personal brain development in a quiet place alone…. its all about the proper brain development…. right?! Its not neglect or anything…)
11:10am ” Oh crap. Lily is supposed to be on the bus in 10 minutes! (the next 10 minutes included a rush for clean up, clothes on, hair done, and a baggie with a half sandwich and potato chips to eat on the bus.)
11:30. LUNCH. Whatever that is. Nuggets for J. Soup for me, eaten over the space of an hour in between calls, txts and a diaper change as well as feeding the baby who still required that annoying immediate attention…. I told you I was human…
12:30. Look in the mirror. “Hmmm. Those bags under the eyes are really starting to show. I should probably shower. Nope- no time. Got to head out to the library to return those darn books we’ve had forever and can’t renew again… oh yeah and I need to deposit those checks….. and get out that money for that thing….. and then I need to pick up that book from the music store….. and make it to that lady’s house for those dishes that I took her dinner with 2 weeks ago….. and I need to mail that package for my sister…… and I think the baby needs more wipes…… I should be writing this down somewhere… nah- I’ll remember. Oh yeah- and I need to make those award things for Cub Scouts….. ugh. Cub Scouts. (I applied light makeup, pulled the hair into a bun, threw on some clothes, and packed the diaper bag while I was thinking all of this and baby was either sitting in my sink or crying at my feet and J was doing something quietly that I’m sure I’ll discover later… or not….. told you I was for real.)”
2pm. Finally baby fell asleep again. He always fights this nap! (heavy sigh) Time for me to put on some educational show or program on the PC while I sit and veg before work in an hour……… (Ya, that didn’t happen as I realized I needed to get “stuff” ready for Cub Scout Pack meeting right after dinner.)
3pm-5pm. “Piano lessons. I love it, but today Im not so sure.” End of story.
5-6pm: “Look over the kids school work…. mmm. A needs some help in math…. L needs help with her letter G…. Lets look at the list of menus… whats for dinner tonight….I got to hurry and get that pot of water boiling or the noodles will not be done in time. Ok- veggie… carrots. Check. Fruit…. apple slices… check…. water to drink. Dishes out, noodles done, heat up the sauce. Here we go.” (Dinner was a fiasco. Kids didn’t like the sauce ON their noodles…. some only wanted cheese and butter…. some had to pee during the prayer that was given while hopping up and down…… I told you I was for real.)
6:30-8pm “Get in the car. Kids with no coats? Oh well. That’s their decision. They’ll survive the 10 mins to the church for scouts. Scouts. Ugh. Baby has a dirty diaper? Oh well. That’ll wait too. Training Cub Scout leaders…..end of that story…… and then packing the kids back in the car….. baby still has a dirty diaper. Poor guy. (I told you I was for real.)
8-9pm. “Oh my goodness. If these kids take any longer getting “ready” for bed I’m gonna run around outside and scream at the top of my lungs!!! Ok. Scripture time! J is picking his nose, L is fussing over the baby and making baby fuss… A is sitting looking dreamy and asking about Disneyland…… prayer time…. no eyes closed… J decides its a good time to pass gas, L is offended and cries…. A is worried about her ears getting infected……. baby just spitup into the lego bin……” (I told you I was for real)
9pm. “YES! Sister is here to sit here while I go play Volleyball with some players that probably don’t enjoy my playing style all that much, but I need some “time out” so I’m going anyway.”
10:30pm. “Ah. That was WAY fun and needed. Thanks to my sister for being here! OH ya- she’s got a new boyfriend and is having some life changes going on…. I’m tired, but I bet she would like to chat about some things…….”
1:00am. Got into bed. And at 1:42 baby was crying………………….

Its real people. Life. It is a wonderful thing. Taking care of kids, and activities and all the mental stress we have is REAL. But each day goes on. The sun comes up every morning. The kids grow and learn and feel confident as we care for them the best way we can. I believe every MOM is a super mom. EVERY mom is trying her best with the knowledge she has to achieve her goals, achieve healthy happy kids, and achieve a life worth looking back on with a smile. This is just ONE DAY out of thousands. Today will be totally different. In fact, baby slept 11 hours last night and I feel like SUPERMOM today! I feel blessed, I feel loved, I feel totally fulfilled today. Does that mean I feel like this everyday? No. But I know that life has ups and life has downs. But I like to remember the ups, and not so much the downs, but I appreciate both. Thoughts??