First things first!
Take out a sheet of paper and keep it all week long. I found that recording my feelings and ideas and notions about new things helps me figure out in the end what I liked, what I think will benefit me and my situation in life, and what things I feel inspired about.


Breakfast: Balanced meal. A little grain, a little fruit, a little protein.
Drink 2 glasses of water before and during your meal.

  • 3/4-1 cup Cereal (with at least 3-6 grams of fiber in it… I like miniwheats or bran flakes… or oatmeal.)
  • Milk for your cereal- 1% or light Soymilk is good. Beware of over using Almond and coconut milk as they do not always have good protein or vitamins and minerals. I’m not saying don’t eat them at all- just not as a protein source like cow’s milk or soymilk.
  • And half and apple, banana, a handful of berries- whatever ya got on hand. (And if you don’t well then by golly get to the store today and get some fresh fruit and veggies!

Sandwich with good quality bread or pita or high fiber wrap with lean meat, don’t overdo it on the slices… just 1-2… šŸ™‚
Dab of mustard, a few cucumbers or pickles, some sliced bell pepper, a tomato slice… lettuce…. mmmmmm. Add a few lowfat crackers on the side, another serving of fruit and again- drink 2 glasses of water during or before your meal.

Snack: Trailmix! All kinds of nuts and seeds and dried fruit- don’t have more than 1/2 cup though… and again- have 2 glasses of water during or before your snack. šŸ™‚

Have a side salad, with light dressing, load it with veggie slices or whole ones whatever you like.
Add a side of protein- either a 4-5 oz grilled chicken breast, or 1/2 c, black beans with cumin and lime juice and salsa…. mmmm…. and some fruit! For a little carb need- add a few crackers, tortilla chips, or 1/2 c. rice.

And as always—– must have a treat!
I suggest 3-4 hershey’s kisses…. suck on them… sooooo yummy.



Walk, yup. Simple. Walk for 20 minutes. Outside- on a treadmill- at the mall- in the grocery store… Walk like you might be being followed by a wild animal… šŸ™‚
Then stretch for a good 10 minutes. Nice slow stretching- nothing intense. Just a little beyond your comfort level. 
READY FOR TOMORROW???????!?!!!!!!! I am so stoked! Comment or email me your thoughts and epiphany’s if you have any!