Eating for today:
Breakfast: Piece of whole grain toast (try it without butter, and just a dab of your favorite jam) & with 2 scrambled eggs or one egg white and one whole egg for less fat. and as ALWAYS—- 2 glasses of water!

Lunch: Fix up an amazing Fiesta Salad! 3 cups lettuce, some chili beans, drizzle of ranch dressing, 2 large TB of fresh salsa, 1 tb shredded cheddar, and 4-5 crushed tortilla chips. YUMMMO. and as always—- 2 glasses of water.

SNACK! SMOOTHIE TIME!!! YES!!!! Make any variety of fruit smoothing using about 1/2 c. frozen fruit and 100% fruit juice and/or greek yogurt to make about a 3/4-1 cup smoothie. Drink a glass of water before. 🙂

Dinner: PASTA NIGHT! Cook up some pasta, whole grain if you like- and top it with some veggie packed Marinara sauce (Ragu Vegetable Garden variety is really yummy.) Add some green beans, fresh sliced oranges or pears, and as always 2 glasses of water!



Stretch for 5 minutes
12 pushups- whatever kind you can do, and feel free to take small breaks- but get 12 in!
12 lunges- 6 per leg – make sure your knee does NOT come out over your toe on the forward bending leg.
12 triceps extensions – grab a water bottle for weight, and put one arm straight up while holding the waterbottle, and while stabilizing your elbow with your other hand, slowly lower the water bottle to the back of your head- 6 per arm.
12 squats. facing the wall, position your toes next to the wall to ensure your knees don’t trace out over the toes – and slowly lower down with your butt low and bend knees. come back up and that’s one! now do 12.

REPEAT and then stretch for 5 minutes again.