Breakfast: 1/2 c, Yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, and a 1/2 english muffin or1 slice of whole grain bread, low calorie (<80 calories/slice). and as always……. you getting this now? yup. 2 glasses of water.

Lunch: Large bowl (2 cups) of vegetable based/brothy soup with a serving of fruit, or a small bowl (1 cup) of soup with a serving of fruit and 1/2 sandwich. And as always— 2 glasses of water. 🙂 Add a small handful of saltine crackers or oyster crackers to your soup if you want. Mmmm. Crunchiness is good.

SNACK! Crackers, cheese, and a few slices of lean lunch meat and add a few sliced veggies- sweet peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, etc. Maybe dip some pita chips (lower fat ones) in some Pepper Hummus…mmmm. If you haven’t tried hummus- you are MISSING OUT! And as always—– 2 glasses of water.

Dinner: Salad night!!!! Grab about 3 cups of lettuce and make an amazing salad full of everything you like! Suggestions: Add orange sections, grilled chicken slices, peas, Craisins, seeds or cooked and cooled quinoa, some shredded cheese and a zesty dressing (not too much dressing- always start with less than you think.) Or have one with olives, parmesan, a few slices of pepperoni or other spicy salami, marinated sweet peppers, dab of ranch dressing or other pesto based dressing– balsamic might be amazing. Or do another Fiesta salad! Chili beans, salsa, dab of sour cream and avocado slices with lime juice and some chili-lime flavored pumpkin seeds- YUM. Add some more fruit if you want. And as always- 2 glasses of water too.


Story from my life:
The year is 2002….. I am a senior in high school and the world is at my fingertips! I qualified through try-outs and showing my dedication to the choir the year before to be in the top choir ensemble of 24 students called, Magic. Magic choir is heading to state competitions and we are required to wear best dress to the event. During the hustle and bustle of loading the bus and last minute preparations and practice, there is a boy that I am particularly paying attention to, in hopes that he might want to reciprocate my flirtatious behavior and make this an especially fun trip! 😉 I mean- everyone knows that with all the hormones floating around in high school, and all the preparations to be awesome feel fulfilled with an especially flirtatious moment. 

He starts to flirt back with me and the ball just keeps rolling. I tell him he looks amazing in those slacks, white shirt, and tie- and how I love when guys dress up! He lets me know that my dress looks like too and mentions he likes my vest. What a day this is going to be! We start heading outside to the busses and as we start forming a line to get on, I pay extremely tiring detail to where the position in line will sit me. Afterall, it would be the end of the world and the fun of this trip depends on where I sit in comparison to this boy.  (High school…. wow.) So through a very subtle way (ya right- like no one really noticed…) I inch my way into line at the perfect spot right in front of him and all his friends. Wow! How did that happen! I’m so lucky! 😉

As we near the bus door I position myself all poised and ready (these moments are life or death you know!) as I am painfully aware that when you load busses, the person in front of you invariably gives you quite the opportunity to scrutinize your behind. And as I have taken the time to be sure to sit next to this boy, it means sacrificing my pride and allowing him to scrutinize my behind as we load the bus….

I take my first step into the bus, and since I am a shorter gal, it is quite a high step up which bunches the front of my long, flowy skirt overtop of my rubber soled leather dress shoe. I bend my knees and bring my other foot to join, and unbeknownst to me I happen to catch the edge of my skirt AND my slip underneath the second shoe as I stand up straight heading to the next step. (And remember- as it works with loading busses, the person behind you often is just leaning in for their first step as you are finishing up the 2 steps. Those 2 steps. Who knew 2 steps could be so treacherous!)

I reach my first foot up to that last step and WHOOP. Down comes my skirt AND my slip that is being carefully held in place by my second foot on that second stair.  I am startled by the sudden breeze between my knees, and flustered trying to pull back on my skirt- the slip will NOT release from that darn rubber sole, and only then do I realize that not only did this happen…… this really happened to me just now, right here- outside in front of the whole school, and my choir- but the boy! THE BOY! I knew then, that this moment would live in infamy. The giggles from the bus and the “did you see that!” comments are just a fuzzy blur to me. But THE BOY! I glanced at him to see he had jumped back off the stair, and was watching in dumb founded amazement at my glorious attempts to redeem my dignity and just freaking GET ON THAT BUS. 

Well. In the end, I did sit next to him. And in the end, although he probably knows my behind better than anyone else at that whole school of 1500 kids- he still talks to me. What a saint. But as I predicted- I will NEVER forget this moment. I smile and even laugh out loud when I remember the look on his face at the base of that bus entrance. Oh man……….

Stretch for 5 minutes.
12 pushups- I don’t care how fast or slow you do them, or if they’re all on your knees or not. Just pay attention to leading with your chest- not your forehead- keeping your core tight and your butt lower than you think. Maybe do 6 at the start of this work out and 6 at the end.
24 side lying leg lifts- each leg does 12.
12 triceps extensions with the water bottle- see DAY 2 for more info.
12 lunges- 6 each leg – watch this video for correct form:
Jump rope (with a pretend rope) for 2 minutes. It doesn’t have to be high jumping, but enough of a pulse to use your lower legs and keep your core tight throughout.

Repeat the leg lifts, tricep extensions, lunges and jump rope. Then stretch for another 5 minutes.